ABC Action News viewer James Judge shared the video below of a 350 pound marlin jumping into a boat named The Marlin Darlin, which is homeported in Clearwater. The video was shot by Bobby Jacobsen, the owner of the 62-foot Spencer Yachts Sportsfish.
ABC Action News · 8/23/2013
Laguna Niguel, Calif. — Anglers dream of the day that the fishing is so hot the fish are jumping into the boat. The Spiro family of Laguna Niguel experienced such a day firsthand in Cabo San Lucas a few of weeks ago and it just might land them on ...
LJWORLD · 11/10/2002
and has since gone viral on YouTube, drawing more than 380,000 views. The 54-second clip shows a pair of fishermen trying to reel in the huge blue marlin as it flies into the boat with such force that its spear-like snout almost impales one of the men.
International Business Times · 8/26/2013
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A group of seven fishermen narrowly missed injury when a 300kg black marlin jumped on board their charter boat, snout first, before it shook itself free. Captain Daniel Carlson and his crew were on a week-long catch-and-release fishing trip near the Ribbon ...
7 News Yahoo · 10/22/2012
The crew of the 'Marlin Darlin' received an unexpected surprise when one of its namesake fish jumped onboard Thursday. A 350-pound Marlin jumped onto the boat Thursday as a group of men fished off the coast of the Dominican Republic. The fish landed …
NBC Universal Media · 8/23/2013
Holy Mackerel... well, not quite! Some fishermen didn't have to wait long to reel in a Blue Marlin, he jumped right into the boat! One of the fishermen shot this footage of the catch. The crew had hooked the 350 pound fish and was struggling to reel it in ...
WJBF · 8/24/2013
A 25-stone blue marlin nearly speared fisherman when it jumped aboard their boat. The men were fishing in the waters off the Dominican Republic when the huge fish boarded their vessel. The incredible leap was caught on video by the boat owner Bobby ...
Yacht and Boating World · 8/27/2013
The boat's owner, Bobby Jacobsen, was aboard for the fishing expedition. Jacobson was the man who captured the unbelievable video of the marlin jumping from the water. The marlin died because of injuries sustained when it jumped onto the boat, noting the ... · 8/23/2013
A nice black marlin off Cairns, Australia jumps and lands aboard the “Little Audrey.” The crew was lucky to escape with only minor injuries and the feisty marlin was released. Little Audrey Game fishing Charters.
BizPac Review · 10/20/2012
Big game fishing for marlin is something that will always get anglers blood pumping, but when these big pelagic species decide to join the party in the boat things can get a little dangerous (this happens more than one would think!). In this marlin charged ...