The men see the fish on their line while still in the water, but then the Marlin makes a quick jump onto the deck of the boat. The fish was scary enough to cause one guy to immediately jump overboard, while his buddies tried to subdue the giant.
The Daily Caller · BySarah Hofmann · 10/30/2013
This is the hilarious moment a giant Marlin fish jumped aboard a fishing boat - scaring one of the crew so much he bailed overboard. The Marlin's long body thrashes about the deck in a terrifying scene reminiscent of Jaws. And the moment this terrified ...
Mirror · 10/29/2013
Captured off Cairns, Australia, the video shows a giant marlin—reportedly 600 pounds-worth of marlin—that just jumps aboard and starts flinging ... skull with a chair or ladder or random piece of boat that the marlin somehow flung across the boat.
Dead Spin · 10/21/2012
TORONTO – A video posted on Youtube from Cairns, Australia, is making a splash across the world. An Australian luxury game fishing company called Little Audrey posted a spectacular video of a recent trip they took to catch a marlin. In the video, a ...
Global News · 10/22/2012
The golden rule however, is never stop the boat! This is also the stage that most marlin are lost, particularly when trolling lures. The first few jumps often see the lure thrown as the wildly gyrating fish goes airborne. If you survive this part ...
Fishing World · 5/27/2011
A fisherman aboard the 'Little Audrey,' off Cairns, Australia, hooked what is believed to be a 600-pound marlin, who didn't fight to stay in the water, but actually jumped in the boat. The marlin struggled aboard for a few seconds before breaking the line ...
Opposing Views · 10/21/2012
Like Us on Facebook Another angler captured the blue marlin jumping out of the water on to the boat and almost knocking down one of the anglers. The video was uploaded on YouTube and has grabbed nearly 613,667 views till date. The 350 pounds blue …
Science World Report · 8/27/2013
As the fish flails and thrashes around the deck of the boat, one man, Will Pritchard, decides he's safer in the water and jumps overboard rather than face the marlin's sword of a beak. "Hilarious. Frightening, at the time," said McDonald in an interview. · 10/31/2013
After a seemingly ordinary attempt to catch a fish, the three men in this video are startled when a giant Marlin suddenly jumps on board ... than face the fish” The two other men slow the boat down to a stop and wait for their frightened pal to swim ...
Daily Star · 10/29/2013
Oh no. This is a story about a fish with a spear attached to its face launching itself into a boat with the intent to maim and destroy. The above footage shows a 350-pound Blue Marlin swimming and then jumping into a fishing boat. This is terrifying.
USA Today Sports For The Win · 8/26/2013