There’s something about heft that communicates moral righteousness. A case in point: I wasn’t raised in a particularly religious household, but throughout my childhood I maintained an unwavering reverence for the …
Consequence of Sound · 40 minutes ago
Many thought Mel Gibson could never be replaced as Max Rockatansky, but that was before Tom Hardy took over the role. The British actor’s turn as the gruff ex-MFP officer fighting to survive in George Miller’s …
Metro · 5/24/2015
Mel Gibson
On Friday, 2016 Republican presidential hopeful and professional Beyoncé opponent Mike Huckabee took to Facebook to publicly convey his support for accused sexual predator Josh Duggar. “Josh’s actions when …
Daily Beast · 5/24/2015
Mel Gibson
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Can you believe it? Mel Gibson's Braveheart premiered 20 years ago today in the US, fast becoming a box office hit, a multi-Oscar winner and genuine pop culture phenomenon. To celebrate the '90s classic's big …
Digital Spy · 5/24/2015
The troubled actor-director watched the latest film in the series that made him a star and liked what he saw, director George Miller has revealed. Mel Gibson has given Mad Max: Fury Road the thumbs up and even …
Sydney Morning Herald · 5/15/2015
Mad Max
It isn’t often that a film reboot is actually made by the same writer and director, but Australian born filmmaker George Miller decided it was time to go back to the film series that put Mel Gibson on the map. The first …
World TV PC · 5/24/2015
The Mel Gibson movie definitely filmed in the Hunter, though, his Summer City, shot at Catherine Hill Bay. It was 1977. Gibson, before the restraining orders and the rants, was a young hunk making a surf flick with fellow …
Newcastle Herald · 9 hours ago
After several years of delays and false starts, Mad Max: Fury Road finally hits theaters tomorrow, and if the enormously positive buzz is any indication, this could be one of the summer's biggest hits. As you know by now, the original Mad Max, Mel Gibson ...
Movie Web · ByBrian Gallagher · 5/15/2015
He once gave away 100 free tickets to see the controverisal Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ at the cinema despite criticism of its horrific scenes and apparent anti Semitism.
Daily Mail · 4 minutes ago
To say that George Miller's post-apocalyptic western trilogy of Mad Max films – starring a young Mel Gibson and released between 1979 and 1985 – remain influential is an understatement to topple all others, as they …
Malta Today · 7 hours ago
Mad Max
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