Evander Holyfield? Mike Tyson has something for you. In a new Foot Locker ad campaign, boxer Mike Tyson innocently rings Evander Holyfield’s doorbell and hands the heavyweight champ a box, saying, “I’m sorry, Evander. It’s your ear.” Then the …
Time News Feed · ByMelissa Locker · 11/20/2013
"Tyson returns ear" may well go down as the funniest ... What do you think Foot Locker's new Mike Tyson ad? Evander Holyfield Now, Finally, Has His Ear Back Dennis Rodman Also Stars In The Foot Locker Commercial
Contact Music · 11/20/2013
For starters, guesses Foot Locker in an ad released Tuesday, Mike Tyson might finally get around to giving ... WATCH the ad, above. Tyson returns chunk of ear to Holyfield after 16 years in hilarious new ad
The Huffington Post · 11/20/2013
In the latest "funniest commercial of the week of the year of the century," Foot Locker is celebrating it's Week of Greatness 2013 by making all things right in the world. The clip opens up with Mike Tyson showing up at Evander Holyfield's house to give ...
Yahoo GMA · 11/21/2013
Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have parodied their infamous 1997 boxing match in a new Foot Locker advertisement. The commercial makes light of the controversial end of the fight, which saw Tyson bite off a portion of Holyfield's ear. Tyson is shown in ...
Digital Spy · 11/20/2013
In a brand new Foot Locker commercial, Mike Tyson returns Evander Holyfield’s ear and Dennis Rodman buys a one-way ticket to North Korea because best ad ever. Shoe retailer Foot Locker is holding something called “The Week of Greatness” which … · 11/20/2013
Any person who calls themselves a boxing fan remembers the epic bout known as ‘The Sound and the Fury.’ The heavyweight fight famous for Mike Tyson taking a bite out of Evander Holyfield's ear in the third round 16 years ago. And in a hilarious new …
Yahoo News · 11/20/2013
(Photo : An apologetic Mike Tyson sheepishly hands over Evander Holyfield's ear--in a small box-- to its owner Foot Locker has come out with a hilarious albeit heartwarming commercial in celebration for the Week of Greatness 2013. Mike
Jobs Hire · 11/20/2013
Foot Locker’s hilarious new commercial features Mike Tyson and a piece of ear he bit off about 16 years ago. The retailer is promoting its “week of greatness” in a new ad campaign. The ad starts out with Cleveland Cavaliers star, Kyrie Irving ...
WebProNews · 11/21/2013
Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman are among a group of stars sending themselves up in a hilarious new advert for an American shoe shop chain. The advert for Foot Locker shows a series of retired American sports stars putting wrong the rights of their past …
Yahoo7 Sport · 11/22/2013
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