As our loyal readers know, we’re on a crusade to be the very first news site to break the inevitable “Miley Cyrus is Pregnant” story. Unfortunately, that means we’re often forced to use the tiniest bits of evidence to prove that she’s with child.
Crushable · 6/28/2012
Miley Cyrus quickly put an end to rumors that she was pregnant by posting sarcastic tweets featuring Juicy J, the rapper who was said to be the father of the baby. "Waking up to the news that I'm now pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby," she tweeted on ...
The Latin Post · 10/1/2013
According to a scandalous new report, Miley Cyrus doesn't just ride around on a wrecking ball naked. She also rides Juicy J, without a condom or birth control of any kind. Yes, Miley Cyrus is pregnant!!! If you somehow believe random gossip website ...
The Hollywood Gossip · 9/30/2013
Miley then supposedly replied, "No, I'm really pregnant." But CreamBMP is the only place reporting this Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumor, so it seems likely that this was just a joke. Perhaps it was a way to trump up publicity for the duo's new single ... · 9/30/2013
Now here's a juicy rumor that Miley Cyrus ... pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby this morning' @CheyneThomas: 'what are you gonna name it?' Me: 'Juicy J Jr DUH,' " she quipped. Juicy J isn't the only rapper stirring up some Miley chatter these days: Vanilla ...
People · 10/1/2013
Could a grand baby be the cure to Billy Ray Cyrus‘s achy breaky heart? Though Miley Cyrus debunked pregnancy rumors, Billy Ray stirred them up again when he posted a cryptic tweet hinting that maybe there’s truth to the rumors after all!
Hollywood Life (blog) · 3/7/2015
Pop superstar Miley Cyrus has laughed ... However, Cyrus, who recently confirmed she had split from her fiance Liam Hemsworth, has since taken to Twitter to express her surprise at the pregnancy reports and poke fun at the rumor. In a post on Monday, ...
San Francisco Gate · 9/30/2013
Miley Cyrus has hit the rumor mill recently with reports claiming that the former Hannah Montana star could be pregnant. Although the pregnancy has not even been confirmed by Cyrus or anyone close to her in the know, that has not stopped celeb …
Breathe Cast · 7/14/2014
Take a look at the funniest Twitter reactions to Miley Cyry’s pregnancy rumors: That settles it. Miley Cyrus must be an opiate because, despite an impending gov’t shutdown, people are FUBAR oblivious thanks to her crap.
Rolling Out · 9/30/2013
Pop star, MILEY CYRUS, took to Twitter to speak out on claims that she was pregnant by friend and frequent collaborator, JUICY J. CYRUS tweeted, “Waking up to the news that I’m now pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby.” The twerking sensation later ...
Juicy Magonline · 10/1/2013