There have been several pregnancy rumors floating around about Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger ... and the singer and her dad are responding by laughing them off. Miley posted a photoshopped photo of a pregnant woman getting an ... · 3/9/2015
Did Miley Cyrus really hook up with Justin Bieber and get pregnant two years ago? The outrageous rumor surfaced yesterday after an insider claimed to Life & Style magazine that Cyrus supposedly approached Bieber back in 2012 when he and then …
Design&Trend · 4/16/2015
Despite a rumor that spread rapidly online Monday, Miley Cyrus is not pregnant with rapper Juicy J's baby. The gossip stemmed from a fake report on satirical website, which claimed that Juicy J alluded to a possible pregnancy at this …
News Max · 10/1/2013
Miley then supposedly replied, "No, I'm really pregnant." But CreamBMP is the only place reporting this Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumor, so it seems likely that this was just a joke. Perhaps it was a way to trump up publicity for the duo's new single ... · 9/30/2013
There have been lots of rumor going around regarding Miley Cyrus recently, with many sources claiming that the singer is pregnant. And while there has mostly been silence on her end about the issue, she apparently decided to break her quietness today ... · 3/9/2015
After a tough breakup with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus has been ... to be going well with the two, rumors started swirling that the singer is pregnant and are expecting a little one. According to Life & Style, Cyrus will sport a baby bump soon and is ...
Fashion&Style · 11/30/2014
Take a look at the funniest Twitter reactions to Miley Cyry’s pregnancy rumors: That settles it. Miley Cyrus must be an opiate because, despite an impending gov’t shutdown, people are FUBAR oblivious thanks to her crap.
Rolling Out · 9/30/2013
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