About a million people have been displaced since Seleka fighters took control of Bangui in March 2013. Around 2.7 million people ... released a report documenting the deliberate erasure of Muslims from the country. · 15 hours ago
humanitarian disaster
New York – The Association of Mature American Citizens has called for responsible Muslim leaders to condemn the Million Muslim March scheduled for this year's 9/11 anniversary. Dan Weber, AMAC president, called the march "an ugly act of provocation."
Sonoran News · 8/28/2013
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FOX News · 8/15/2013
No clown show is complete without Cornel West. Attendees at a sparsely attended Million Muslim March were met with protests by a small group of Christians on the National Mall Wednesday. U.S. Park Police are keeping the group of protesters back. · 9/11/2013
An Islamist activist group is calling for a million Muslim march in Washington, D.C., on this year's Sept. 11 anniversary. The American Muslim Political Action Committee said it will be a historic moment to demand that Muslim civil rights be protected by ...
The Christian Broadcasting Network · 8/19/2013
The announcement of a “Million Muslim March” on the national mall on the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks drew the high level of criticism that you would expect of such an event. In an attempt to draw less fire for the decision to hold it on 9/11 ...
WebProNews · 8/20/2013
While a fringe Muslim group is planning its Million Muslim March on Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11, motorcycle groups nationwide are planning a Two Million Bikers counter-march. It’s also in D.C. — on Sept. 11. And at slightly more than a week old ... · 8/29/2013
It wasn't. The Million American March Against Fear, sponsored by American Muslim Political action Committee, was only sparsely attended. With about two dozen people present, planners' estimates fell short by about 999,976 attendees. This observer heard ...
American Thinker · 9/12/2013
(PIX11) — An American Muslim fringe group led by M.D. Rabbi Alam plans to march in D.C. on the 12th anniversary of 9/11 to protest racial profiling and treatment of Muslims in the US. The group, AMPAC, is led by Rabbi Alam, who believes this movement ...
PIX11 · 8/21/2013
The nation has been gripped by lawlessness since an alliance of mainly Muslim anti-government militias known as Seleka overthrew President Francois Bozize in March 2013. The takeover ... while more than 2.7 million need humanitarian aid and about 830 …
Bloomberg · 7/31/2015