NASA is now leading the pack, by developing a traffic management system ... aircraft. Drones usually fly at between 400-500 feet. The system would be similar to existing traffic control system, where the drone system would monitor weather conditions ...
TweakTown · ByAnthony Garreffa · 9/3/2014
NASA’s homemade drone.(NASA/Swamp Works) The team wants to deploy drones ... “You could put a whole habitat inside a lava tube to shelter astronauts from radiation, thermal extremes, weather and micrometeorites,” Mueller said.
Quartz · 7/31/2015
Photo: AFP Washington: Nasa scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, are developing an air traffic control system for drones that would scan for adverse weather conditions and also prevent the small unmanned vehicles from running into buildings.
Live Mint · 9/2/2014
The weather agency issued warnings for flooding ... they are the size of large commercial jets and are flown remotely from a NASA base on the Virginia coast. The drones are capable of flying for 30 hours at an altitude of 21,000 meters (69,000 feet ...
Space Daily · 9/15/2013
NASA wants the system to be able to “geo-fence” areas like airports and political centers so drones simply cannot go there. They could decide which drones should take precedence in congested areas, or force drones to land during bad weather.
Extreme Tech · 6/5/2015
On June 25, a hobbyist drone forced the grounding of a fixed ... trying to operate in the same airspace, and what the weather will be like in a given area,” said Parimal Kopardekar, manager of NASA’s Safe Autonomous Systems Operations project.
Government Computer News · 6/25/2015
For instance, UAVs could automatically be grounded in poor weather conditions ... As for Amazon, it's splashing out $1.8m with NASA to trial its Prime Air delivery drones, promising an exchange of test data and designs in return for the space agency's ...
SlashGear · 6/4/2015
Nasa hopes to have this running within five years. As well as providing information about other drones nearby it would also provide details on restricted areas to avoid and weather conditions. The announcement that the UK government is in discussions with ...
Wired · 9/16/2015
If there are two things that are all the rage right now, it’s Mars and drones. Okay, maybe not all the rage, but a day hardly goes by without hearing about at least one of them, and it seems that NASA has made ... is thin, weather on mars is generally ...
TECH AERIS · 1/27/2015
"For any drone that needs to go beyond line of sight, this is a potential solution," Edward Sayadian, vice president of civil aerospace systems at Exelis, told Reuters ... NASA's system will provide services such as airspace configuration, weather and ...
Reuters · 3/10/2015