(Video via NASA) The system would track drone location, prevent flights over sensitive areas such as the White House, automatically ground drones in bad weather and sort out which drones get priority in the event the airspace gets too congested.
WOKV · 6/5/2015
and what the weather will be like in a given area," said Parimal Kopardekar, manager of NASA's Safe Autonomous Systems Operations project, in the press release. The system NASA is working on would allow many commercial uses, like Amazon's drone
Fierce Mobile T · 6/11/2015
Verizon has teamed up with Nasa to monitor commercial and civilian drone flights ... drones to keep them away from sensitive areas like the White House, ground drones in bad weather, help them to avoid buildings and each other while flying and decide ... · 6/3/2015
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Parimal Kopardekar Dr. Kopardekar is leading NASA's drone traffic management program ... for example), what the weather will be like in a given area (because drones are often so light, strong winds put them at risk), and whether any other vehicles are ...
The Business Insider · 9/26/2014
Instead of decommissioning military drones once they have become obsolete NASA scientists have found a way to give the drones new life; instead of spying on foreign countries the drones will be used to spy on tropical storms as they strengthen to …
HNGN · 9/11/2013
and even the ability to ground drones because of bad weather. They system could also potentially prioritize air traffic in high-density areas. (Unfortunately, NASA and Verizon's system probably would not have saved Enrique Iglesias from his drone-related ...
Slate · 6/4/2015
Washington: Nasa scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, are developing an air traffic control system for drones that would scan for adverse weather conditions and also prevent the small unmanned vehicles from running into buildings. Nasa’s drone ...
Live Mint · 9/2/2014