Once inside, AnonSec was able to retrieve 631 videos that were captured using the onboard cameras on NASA’s Global Hawk drone. Other information downloaded include weather radars, over 2,100 flight logs and the …
Hot Hardware · 2/3/2016
At one point the hackers even claim they tried to crash one of NASA's drones into the sea. The collection of files, provided to Infowars by AnonSec admin Dêfãult Vírüsa prior to being made public Sunday, include 631 videos from aircraft and weather ...
HardOCP · 2/1/2016
feature footage of weather radar readings as well as both manned and unmanned aircraft in multiple stages of flight. One 59-minute video from May of 2012 shows one such drone taking off from a NASA runway before cutting out 30 minutes into its mission.
Prison Planet · 1/31/2016
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Safe Harbor crunch time: Today's the day to hammer out privacy deal Hackers have released online 250GB of data purloined from NASA systems – and claim to have diverted a multi-million-dollar drone the agency …
The Register · 2/1/2016
NASA weather drones will explore the Saharan Air Layer and the role of thunderstorms in hurricanes. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) "The biggest scientific question we're trying to attack is why do some hurricanes intensify very rapidly and why do others not ...
International Science Times · 9/11/2013
Google is developing a solar drone for 5G phones. Vanessa Hudgens starred in Grease ... "wet season"--enhanced by El Niño -- spectators may catch a break from unsettled weather, AccuWeather reported. Fans …
Cleveland Plain Dealer · ByTim Warsinskey · 2/2/2016
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ATLANTIC, Va. -- NASA scientists are using former military surveillance drones to help them understand more about how tropical storms intensify, which they say could ultimately save lives by improving forecast models that predict a hurricane's strength.
The Huffington Post · 9/11/2013
BRUSSELS (AP) - Experts say almost all species in the Mediterranean are still overfished despite decades of seeing stocks dwindle - and that is forcing the European Union to consider creative solutions like using drones ... the weekend. NASA shared …
8 ABC · 2/9/2016
Instead of decommissioning military drones once they have become obsolete NASA scientists have found a way to give the drones new life; instead of spying on foreign countries the drones will be used to spy on tropical storms as they strengthen to …
HNGN · 9/11/2013
Dan Pruyn / Google+Here's one of the hangers at NASA's Ames research ... The agency knows about the drone traffic management program and supports its experiments. Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal …
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