A pilot flies a drone aircraft from a mission control center at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island ... Until now, the old stand-bys for monitoring storms have been piloted weather planes and satellites, he said. "By being able to view ... · 9/15/2013
And with news Monday that NASA is developing a traffic management system for ... and also keep tabs on changing weather conditions, with strong winds proving particularly challenging for drones. It’d also serve to protect nearby buildings – as well ...
Digital Trends · ByTrevor Mogg · 9/2/2014
In light of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s recent ruling that drone operators must make sure that their aircraft remain in their line of sight at all times, NASA and several ... about other drone flights, weather forecasts and other obstacles ...
redOrbit · 3/11/2015
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NASA officials ... series of weather reconnaissance devices to study the strength and pattern of storm movements, in a bid to potentially enhance storm forecast systems. The probes have already been successfully launched, using Global Hawk drones
Guardian LV · 9/11/2013
PHOTOS: Dogs Rescued from Hurricane Isaac Edouard never posed any threat to land, which is a good thing since it was the strongest storm in the Atlantic since Hurricane Sandy ravaged ... Cool Uses for Drones A day later, one of NASA's round-nosed …
Discovery Communications · 10/7/2014
To better understand how water vapor and ozone interact, NASA plans to ... above the tropics. The drone will crisscross the tropopause, the boundary between the troposphere (they layer of the atmosphere we breathe and where most weather occurs), and ...
Live Science · 1/10/2013
NASA IS DEVELOPING an air traffic control system for drones as companies ... help smaller unmanned vehicles avoid buildings and obstacles, and scan for weather conditions that might cause problems for drones like wind since drones weigh so little. · 9/2/2014
Originally built for military reconnaissance missions around the world, they are the size of large commercial jets and are flown remotely from a NASA base on the Virginia coast. The drones are capable ... have been piloted weather planes and satellites ...
NDTV · 9/15/2013
Weather Forecast Alerts 2015 ... Further testing is needed to ensure the small automaton can handle the harsh environment on Mars. NASA engineers have been testing the drone inside a vacuum chamber simulating Martian conditions. The helicopter drone ...
The Latin Post · 1/26/2015
The two Global Hawks began operating as NASA drones in 2012, as part of a project that will last ... Until now, the old stand-bys for monitoring storms have been piloted weather planes and satellites, he said. "By being able to view a storm continuously ...
The China Post · 9/15/2013
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the agency of the United States government that is …
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