(Video via NASA) The system would track drone location, prevent flights over sensitive areas such as the White House, automatically ground drones in bad weather and sort out which drones get priority in the event the airspace gets too congested.
KRMG · 6/5/2015
NASA intends that this system would automatically “geo-fence” drones out of sensitive airspace, keep drones from flying in inclement weather, assist in preventing drones from crashing into buildings or each other, and prioritizing drones in busy airspace.
The Space Reporter · 6/5/2015
As such, the FAA is working with industry partners and NASA to safely ... the effects of weather conditions, and how to prevent accidents. If companies like Amazon succeed in pushing for more flexible regulations …
ReadWrite · 11/11/2015
"For any drone that needs to go beyond line of sight, this is a potential solution," Edward Sayadian, vice president of civil aerospace systems at Exelis, told Reuters ... NASA's system will provide services such as airspace configuration, weather and ...
Reuters · 3/10/2015
The two Global Hawks began operating as NASA drones in 2012, as part of a project that will last ... Until now, the old stand-bys for monitoring storms have been piloted weather planes and satellites, he said. "By being able to view a storm continuously ...
The News International · 9/15/2013
NASA is said to be working with Verizon to develop a new ... The system could also be used to ground drones when the weather gets bad, or route them more effectively so that don’t collide with each other — or buildings — when the airspace gets ...
Gizmodo Australia · 6/5/2015
will offer NASA important data about gases ... The in-field research includes flying a hexacoptor drone to take video from the sky, track heat spots with infrared cameras and monitor wind and weather. It also includes taking soil and air samples and ...
Government Technology · 5/4/2015
But for all the Tomorrowland wonder of a potential delivery-by-drone service, plenty of issues will be tricky to solve. Drone technology has not been thoroughly ... And researchers at NASA are working on ways to manage that menagerie of low-flying aircraft.
New York Times · 9/1/2014
NASA is considering monitoring drones with a range of sensors including radar, orbiting satellites and cellphone signals. The UTM system is also likely to be cloud-based, meaning that drones will need an internet link to download information about weather ... · 6/4/2015