Powered by cloud computing, NASA envisions the control system will ensure that pilotless aircrafts can cruise low altitudes while receiving critical information pertaining to weather ... drone management technology. In an interview with Fortune this ...
FORTUNE · 8/7/2015
and what the weather will be like in a given area," said Parimal Kopardekar, manager of NASA's Safe Autonomous Systems Operations project, in the press release. The system NASA is working on would allow many commercial uses, like Amazon's drone
Fierce Mobile T · 6/11/2015
The British government is working with Nasa ... low-flying drones. Nasa hopes to have this running within five years. As well as providing information about other drones nearby it would also provide details on restricted areas to avoid and weather conditions.
Wired · 9/16/2015
(Video via NASA) The system would track drone location, prevent flights over sensitive areas such as the White House, automatically ground drones in bad weather and sort out which drones get priority in the event the airspace gets too congested.
KIROTV · 6/5/2015
What one usually doesn’t envision when they hear the word ‘drone’ is an alien type spacecraft buzzing around volcanoes on Mars, but that’s just what a team at NASA is currently ... thermal extremes, weather and micrometeorites.”
3dprint · 8/3/2015
NASA wants the system to be able to “geo-fence” areas like airports and political centers so drones simply cannot go there. They could decide which drones should take precedence in congested areas, or force drones to land during bad weather.
Extreme Tech · 6/5/2015
According to Nasa, this drone traffic management system will incorporate services such as airspace design, severe weather and wind avoidance, congestion management, route planning and re-routing – similar to the rules in place for road traffic ...
Daily Telegraph · 9/15/2015
According to documents obtained by the Guardian, Verizon signed an agreement last year with Nasa “to jointly explore whether ... from sensitive areas like the White House, ground drones in bad weather, help them to avoid buildings and each other while ...
The Guardian · 6/3/2015
NASA ... drone could fly into a volcanic crater to see if it would make a safe place for astronauts to set up a base, away from the harsh elements. "You could put a whole habitat inside a lava tube to shelter astronauts from radiation, thermal extremes ...
National Journal · 8/4/2015
Our tropical weather expert, Brian McNoldy says he could only find two ... Nadine is on a projected path that threatens no land area according to the National Hurricane Center, but a NASA field campaign is taking full advantage of this storm to get deeper ...
Washington Post · ByJason Samenow · 9/12/2012