Teams in each NBA conference will now be seeded strictly by record--division winners will not be a factor. Is this a good change for the league?
MSN · 6/26/2015
1-8 by conference as opposed to giving the division winner that higher seed," Silver said prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, via NBC Sports' Kurt Helin ... The NHL's new playoff format is more convoluted. The top-three …
Bleacher Report · ByZach Buckley · 6/26/2015
The current format guaranteed division winners being seeded ... If the changes are moving along as a fast as as the NBA executive is hinting, next season's playoffs could see some very different structuring.
Sporting News · 6/26/2015
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The NBA office might not have answered those demands but have ... yet on the back of the NorthWest Division title they were seeded 4th for the Playoffs.The new format will see the Los Angeles Clippers playing …
sports keeda · 6/26/2015
SAN ANTONIO -- When the NBA announced its plans to use a 2-2-1-1-1 home-away format for the NBA Finals starting this season rather than 2-3-2, league executives listed business and basketball reasons for the switch. One particular reason stood out at …
USA Today · 6/7/2014
Silver has talked about the need to restructure the playoff seeding format for a while now ... While Silver broached the topic earlier this month prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, according to USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt …
Hoops Habit · 6/29/2015
Playoff Seeding
The NBA is expected to make a major change to its traditional Finals schedule, ending the 2-3-2 format and returning to the 2-2-1-1-1 game rotation used in all other playoff rounds, multiple sources told The league's competition committee has ...
ESPN · ByBrian Windhorst · 9/29/2013
NEW YORK (AP) — David Stern's NBA owners gathered one last time, toasting the outgoing commissioner before he leaves after 30 years on the job. They also changed back one of the earliest changes Stern made. Leaving with Stern is the NBA Finals
NBA · 10/23/2013
I agreed with the switch to the 2-2-1-1-1 format for The Finals. But now I see the merits ... second only to Curry. In the NBA Finals, he was ready for the biggest assignment, defending LeBron James. Before the shot? Iguodala was making a third of his ...
Woodland Daily Democrat · 6/26/2015
The NBA has changed the way its’ playoffs were seeded in the face of controversy before. The current format, where the division winners are guaranteed a top four seed in their conference, was put into place in 2007 … · 6/29/2015