The fat lady has sung: “Smash” will go dark after a troubled two-season run on NBC. The network officially confirmed that the musical drama would not return for a third season on Friday (May 10), though the announcement was hardly a surprise: The show ... · 5/11/2013
"A.D. The Bible Continues" was not the only program given the ax by NBC after one season. The political suspense drama "American Odyssey" was also canceled ... well be the first time you've heard of this show, even." Loading the player
The Christian Post · ByMichael Gryboski · 7/6/2015
Just as I decide I will begin covering “Hannibal” on a weekly basis NBC goes and cancels the show, three episodes into its third season. Ratings dipped from the season’s premiere and continued through last Thursday, which drew 1.8 million viewers.
Coming Soon · 6/22/2015
It was surprising that Bryan Fuller's drama, one of the most avant-garde shows on television, even made it to three seasons on NBC considering its low ratings, which have nosedived this summer. Last week’s hour was seen by just 1.7 million same-day ...
Vulture · 6/22/2015
NBC has made some big changes to its lineup, cancelling “Ironside” and ‘Welcome To The Family” and scheduling “Community’s” return. According to Entertainment Weekly, the cancellations were announced on Friday “as part of a dramatic …
Fashion&Style · 10/19/2013
Indeed, some shows don't even make it to debut — recently NBC canceled its Will Ferrell-produced, Krysten Ritter sitcom "Mission Control" and Fox canceled the ambitious ancient Egyptian drama "Hieroglyph" before they even aired. As new series make ...
The Business Insider · 10/17/2014
In an effort to focus on more news programming in the afternoon, MSNBC has canceled "The Cycle," "Now with ... Chuck Todd, host of "Meet the Press" on NBC, will host a daily politics show on MSNBC at 5 p.m. Disgraced "NBC Nightly News" anchor …
News Max · 7/31/2015
While ABC did not officially used the word "cancelled," its plug is as good as ... episode orders - FOX's Minority Report and The Player on NBC -- which is a bad sign, but it doesn't mean the show is officially dead.
Havelock News · 11/14/2015
Wicked City
The Peacock is looking like a bedraggled starling at the start of its first fall TV season in Comcast's nest. Three weeks in, overall viewership, according to the Nielsen Co., is up at CBS and Fox, and down less than 1 percent at ABC, vs. year-ago numbers.
Philly · 10/16/2011
Blues guitar legend B.B. King has canceled the remaining shows of his current tour after falling ill during a performance at Chicago’s House of Blues Friday. King’s website says the 89-year-old fell ill during the show and was “immediately evaluated ...
NBC Chicago · 10/5/2014