Welcome to the first MSF Power Rankings of the 2011 NFL Season! You may have noticed that we are starting after Week 1, and there is a good reason for that. My Preseason rankings would have been awful. Just a peak into what I originally had: Colts at …
Midwest Sports Fans · 9/14/2011
You know why I love football? Because it’s completely unpredictable. Just when you think the favored team is going to win, then here comes a haymaker from out of nowhere to change the game. It’s time for Week 3 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!
Who Dat Dish · 9/16/2014
The spreads have exploded across the NFL between Week 4 and Week 5, as everyone in the country feels as if they have a pretty good idea of who can play and who can't through one month of the season. Of 12 spreads on the board in Week 4, only three …
Doc's Sports Service · ByRobert Ferringo · 9/30/2014
The Cleveland Browns lost a game in which many fans were demoralized. They expected their team to come in strong and beat the Houston Texans who were without their best offensive player and starting a new quarterback. Instead they got destroyed.
Dawg Pound Daily · 11/18/2014
NFL Power Rankings 3/ San Diego 3-1 (last week 6) Chargers not off to usual slow start, could be dangerous. Check out this story on
WWL-TV · 9/16/2014
Visit ESPN and Sports Illustrated’s websites for a full list of their 2013 NFL Power Rankings. More interested in the companies behind the sports? InvestorPlace’s Marc Bastow list the top three companies that have a stake in the NFL. Article printed ...
Investor Place · 9/5/2013
We’re a little late getting to the inaugural Times NFL power ratings, but here they are, after Week 2 of the NFL season. Staff writer Lance Pugmire starts off with, no great surprise, the San Francisco 49ers as the No. 1 team. Figure that these rankings ...
Los Angeles Times · 9/20/2012
This week's edition of the NFL Power Rankings features two rising California teams and falling ones from New York and Florida. After the Oakland Raiders emotional win and San Francisco 49ers slaughter-fest, it's about time the West Coast gets some love.
The Huffington Post · 10/12/2011
247 Sports recently put out their composite NFL Power Rankings which feature websites like, CBS, ESPN, and others to find what the average ranking of NFL teams are. Well, after tallying up the scores, the Tennessee Titans ended up in last place.
Titan Sized · 5/29/2015
Tidying up home for visitors. 2. New England Patriots 2 Will rest Bill's hoodie for playoffs. 3. Dallas Cowboys 6 Got Romo's back. 4. Green Bay Packers 5 Hope Lions come down with cold. 5. Arizona Cardinals 4 Would give arm and leg for an arm. 6.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel · 12/28/2014