The NRA launched a 30-second voter registration ad on Wednesday as part of its Trigger The Vote campaign, and the ad has a twist. In the commercial, a father carries a small box and warns his son: “Remember, this isn’t a toy. This is serious business.”
News Max · 7/23/2014
The National Rifle Association (NRA) announced the kickoff of its 2014 “Trigger the Voteregistration campaign with a new suggestive ad message that ends with a bit of a twist. The message is meant to encourage gun-rights advocates to register to vote.
Examiner · 7/24/2014
Actor Chuck Norris is featured in a new ad for the National Rifle Association's “Trigger the Votevoter registration campaign, sharing his top 10 reasons to register to vote. Politico Playbook reports Norris is the honorary chairman of the voter ...
The Huffington Post · ByPaige Lavender · 8/13/2014
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A suggestive ad by the NRA for its voter registration campaign will likely get tongues wagging. The spot features a father talking to his son in a somber tone about something that’s not a toy, but is important to protect their family. He unlocks a case ...
OnPolitics · ByCatalina Camia · 7/23/2014
On July 24, MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow and Jonathan Alter discussed the NRA’s “Trigger the Vote” campaign for the upcoming November elections, and the overall success NRA voters have over Democrats in ... as an ad to “drive voter registration.”
Breitbart News · ByAwr Hawkins · 7/25/2014
So some groups — and a few election officials — are taking a page from the book of Mad Men's Don Draper to get voters to the ... but there is a voter registration card. "I'm really proud of you, Dad." The ad is part of an NRA campaign called "Trigger ...
NPR News · 9/18/2014
Though “Trigger the Vote” is a nonpartisan voter registration drive ... family and friends are registered to vote.” The NRA Freedom Action Foundation also rolled out a new 30-second ad featuring a father and a son to promote the “Trigger the ...
United Liberty · 7/25/2014
The ad ... registration database and government approval for gun sales among friends and family. The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, which produced the ad without coordinating with Gillespie’s campaign, said the message works no matter where ...
Washington Post · 8/23/2014
Historically, pro-gun voters have favored ... Its field workers would register them at gun shows and gun shops in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. The NRA spent millions on TV spots; one seven-figure ad buy last October attacked ...
Mother Jones · 4/3/2013
As the campaigns head into the home stretch, the Louisiana Senate race has shaped up as one of the ... Neither side disputes that. This ad, however, is wrong when it says Cassidy’s vote for the Baseline Reform Act “would cut veterans benefits.”
Fact Check · 10/17/2014