The U.S. Attorney’s Office and Howard County police said Tuesday that they’ve completed investigations into the March 30 incident at a security gate outside the agency off the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.
DC Cbslocal · 6/24/2015
Fatal Shooting
Thomson ReutersPolice car guards entrance to NSA facility in Maryland By John Clarke WASHINGTON (Reuters) - No charges will be filed in the deadly March shooting outside the National Security Agency where …
The Business Insider · 6/24/2015
In March 2010, it was a known sticking point ... The same recipe is found in the French-NSA cooking mix. In a phone call to Hollande, Obama reiterated Washington’s commitment to end such “unacceptable” practices. Hollande’s office duly explained ...
Counter Punch · 6/30/2015
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Protestors rallied near the U.S. Capitol Saturday, calling on Congress to rein in the National Security Agency. Demonstrators gather at Union Station in Washington for a march and rally to demand that the U.S. Congress investigate the National Security ...
USA Today · 10/27/2013
Ever since documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward ... state of the Greek economy. A March 24, 2010 report describes Sarkozy's frustration at the U.S. refusal to sign an espionage pact: "As (French …
New York Daily News · 6/24/2015
French presidents
Chicago — At a rally in Washington Saturday, self-exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden described “a system of pervasive surveillance” operating against American citizens, and he urged technology and free rights activists to spread awareness of the ...
The Christian Science Monitor · ByMark Guarino · 10/26/2013
Investigation completed into fatal March shooting of 27-year-old Ricky Hall ... into the 30 March incident at a security gate outside the agency off the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Authorities said 27-year-old Ricky … · 6/24/2015
June 30, 2013: A report by the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, again based on Snowden's documents, says the NSA spied on European Union diplomatic offices in Washington ... done," Merkel adds the next day. On March 29, 2014, Der Spiegel …
Global Post · 6/24/2015
“The French president will express his frustration that Washington has backed away from its proposed intelligence cooperation agreement,” said a March 24, 2010, summary of a conversation the NSA monitored …
McClatchy DC · 6/24/2015
Authorities say two Baltimore residents drove a stolen SUV to the gates of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade March ... told The Washington Post the two suspects spent a night at a Howard County motel.
Patch · ByDeb Belt · 6/24/2015