On March 20, former FBI Director James Comey confirmed under ... with NSA
Donald Trump
President Donald Trump in March asked the director of national intelligence ... Trump made the request to Rogers in a phone call, according to the Washington
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Washington (CNN)Late last year ... but Rogers survived and remained in his role as the director of the NSA and head of US Cyber Command under Trump. Now, …
I know from being a reporter in Washington DC during the Watergate ... the …
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Donald Trump asked two top intelligence ...
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The Washington Post was the first to report that Trump made the appeal to …
This web site is led by John Solomon, former head of content of The Washington Times. Yes ... The court filing noted an NSA decision March 30 to narrow collection of “upstream” data within the United States. Under that decision, the NSA
Senior intelligence officials also saw the March ... The Washington Post …