More recently, the Navy and Raytheon figured out how to reprogram the missile in-flight, such that Tomahawk can (and has) hit a maneuvering target at sea. Tomahawk is the “Transformer” of modern weapons, so to …
The Business Insider · 7/23/2015
Defense Department
The US Navy confirmed that a Raytheon made Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) test missile exploded after suffering a malfunction as it was fired from the guided-missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) during a planned …
Defense Update · 7/23/2015
Navy spokesman Mathew Leonard emphasized that the LHA 7 was ... America-class ships are outfitted with Self Defense Systems that includes two Rolling Aircraft Missile launchers; two Raytheon 20mm Phalanx CIWS mounts; and seven twin .50 cal.
Defense World · 7/31/2015
The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced a number of work contracts on Friday, highlighted by a $180 million deal with Raytheon Missile Systems for the obtainment of standoff missile systems. As part of the …
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Department of the Navy; Naval Air Systems Command; NAVAIR HQ; Building 227247123 Buse Road Unit IPT Patuxent River MD 20670 Firms interested in subcontracting opportunities may contact Don McFarland via e-mail at mailto …
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While in the United States Navy during World War II he was commissioned an Ensign ... s Degree from the Wharton School of Finance in Philadelphia. He was employed by Raytheon and Westinghouse Corporations …
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The US Navy has ordered 555 AGM-154 Joint Stand-Off Weapons (JSOW) from Raytheon for $180 million for itself and Saudi Arabia, according to a recent contract announcement. The navy’s $58 million order is for 200 units of the latest C-1 version, which …
Flight Global · 7/28/2015
“There were no injuries and only minor damage to the port side of the ship resulting from missile debris,” a US Navy statement reads. “The ship returned to Naval Station Norfolk for assessment.” The Raytheon · 7/27/2015
The US Navy and Raytheon have conducted two successful flight tests, demonstrating the moving target capability of the Tomahawk cruise missile. Specifically, the first test demonstrated a Tomahawk cruise missile that was synthetically guided to hit a ... · 2/12/2015
The U.S. military has a reputation as a somewhat secretive organization. But in at least one respect, the Pentagon is one of the most "open" organizations on the planet. Ready to aim and fire -- behind the scenes at the Navy's new electromagnetic railgun.
The Motley Fool · ByRich Smith · 7/19/2014