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The Space Reporter · 6/22/2015
NASA’s Cassini probe obtained new images of Saturn’s moon Dione during a close flyby on June 16, 2015. Dione is the fourth nearest of the major regular moons of Saturn. It was discovered in 1684 by the … · 6/26/2015
NASA has released stunning new images of Saturn’s moon Dione. The images of the icy moon were taken during a June 16 flyby which took NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to within 321 miles of the moon’s surface.
FOX News · 6/22/2015
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and new images sent back to Earth from a probe exploring the ringed planet is no exception. NASA's Cassini spacecraft flew by Saturn's moon Dione recently, and the images it captured from that close pass are incredible.
Mashable · 6/20/2015
Cassini spacecraft
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[NASA’s Cassini catches sunlight glinting off the oceans of Saturn’s moon] The photo,s taken March 25, also shows how different the three moons are. [New images of Pluto’s moons hint at unusual behavior] …
Washington Post · 6/23/2015
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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released new images of Saturn's moon, Dione, taken by the agency's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft. Cassini captured the images around 321 miles away …
Tech Times · 6/20/2015
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has sent back some spectacular new images of Saturn's fracture-faced moon Dione. The new images reveal a bit more about this moon with images that were taken when Cassini was just …
Science World Report · 6/21/2015
Saturn and its many moons have always looked quite moody in black-and-white photos, and the new images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft exploring the ringed planet are no exception. NASA's Cassini flew by …
DelhiDailyNews · 6/20/2015
And a close inspection of Mimas (center bottom), though difficult to see at this scale, shows surface irregularities due to its own violent history,” NASA says in a press release accompanying the photo. The image was …
Sanfrancisco cbslocal · 6/23/2015
NASA has released a new image sent back by the Cassini Spacecraft of Saturn’s moon Dione ... and we’ll undoubtedly see some more epic photos shortly thereafter.
Io9 · 6/22/2015