KARACHI, Pakistan – Alongside the carnage of Pakistan’s massive earthquake came a new creation: a small island of mud, stone and bubbling gas pushed forth from the seabed. Experts say the island was formed by the massive movement of the earth …
Financial Times · 9/26/2013
Chile Earthquake Today 2013: 5.2 Terremoto Strikes Near Bolivia California Earthquake Today 2013 Strikes Near Fortuna ST LOUIS (LALATE) – New island pictures from the Pakistan earthquake today are shocking Gwadar residents along the Arabian sea.
Lalate · 9/24/2013
As we reported yesterday, a new island measuring 40 feet high and about 200 feet across suddenly appeared off the coast of Pakistan following a devastating 7.7 magnitude quake. Geologists now say that it formed after the temblor triggered a mud volcano.
Io9 · 9/25/2013
(Newser) – The 7.7 quake that shook Pakistan yesterday killed more than 200 people but also gave the country some new land—at least temporarily. Crowds of residents on the coast, far from the epicenter, saw a new island rise from the Arabian Sea after ...
Newser · ByRob Quinn · 9/25/2013
When a devastating earthquake struck the remote Awaran district in Pakistan's Baluchistan province on Tuesday, it killed hundreds of people and left thousands homeless, as the government struggles to rescue those who need help. But the earthquake also …
Washington Post · ByAnup Kaphle · 9/25/2013
TORONTO – If there was ever a doubt about the creation of a new island in Pakistan following the magnitude-7.7 earthquake that killed at least 350 people on Sept. 24, that doubt can now be set aside. NASA’S Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite captured ...
Global News · 9/30/2013
Neela Debnath is a member of the Independent's online editorial team. She has an MA in Journalism (NCTJ accredited) from Brunel University. She is interested in current affairs, media and dipping into other areas of journalism. Nasa has released satellite ...
The Independent · 9/30/2013
Media reports have located the new island at just a few paces to up to two kilometers ... A Local Event Although earthquakes have been known to radically reshape coastlines, the mud volcano off Pakistan is highly localized, Barnhart said.
National Geographic · ByBrian Clark · 9/26/2013
An aerial photograph from Pakistan's GEO TV shows a new island in the Arabian Sea spawned by an earthquake ... centered just across the border in Iran killed at least 35 people in Pakistan last April.
CBS News · 9/25/2013
A few days ago, we were telling you about the Pakistan earthquake which created a new island just off the shore. The magnitude-7.7 earthquake was likely centered on a southern strand of the Chaman Fault, and in the hours after it, a new island suddenly ... · 9/27/2013