15 arrival in the capital, marchers will stop in several locations to discuss different issues: economic inequality in Alabama, education reform in Georgia, criminal justice reform in South Carolina, and voting rights in North
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The plaintiffs argue that the law, which took effect in 2013 ... An expert for the plaintiffs testified that North Carolina had only two verified cases of voter fraud out of 35 million votes cast in primary and presidential elections between 2000 and ...
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WINSTON-SALEM, NC (AP) — An elections analyst testifying at a hearing on North Carolina’s elections law says black voter turnout increased on a national level, regardless of whether a state had such provisions as …
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Any other recent laws of concern to voting rights advocates? There is a case in the courts right now challenging a restrictive law North Carolina put into place a couple of years ago, reducing the number of days for …
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In fact, as of July 2015, a trial is underway in North Carolina to determine whether a law passed less than two months after the Supreme Court’s Shelby County decision is a violation of the 14th Amendment, 15th Amendment or the Voting Rights Act.
Constitution Daily · 7/23/2015
The month after the US supreme court relaxed oversight of its voting procedures, North Carolina passed a law critics say discriminates against the poor and non-white Demonstrators march through the streets of … · 7/20/2015
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The plaintiffs against North Carolina’s election reform law, known as House Bill 589, continue to present experts and voters in the N.C. NAACP vs. McCrory trial. The trial began last week in federal court in …
The Chronicle · 7/23/2015
North Carolina is already defending itself in court this week against multiple lawsuits from residents who claim the state’s voting laws intentionally and unconstitutionally make it more difficult for people of color, low-income people, and students to ...
Think Progress · 7/22/2015
The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to block parts of a new North Carolina voting law that tightens election procedures, including requiring photo identification to cast ballots. Justice Department officials said the North Carolina law is ...
CNN · 9/30/2013
The Justice Department is planning to sue the state of North Carolina over its voter ID law, a source briefed on the plans told ABC News. The move is expected to be announced today and comes in the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision that gutted a ...
ABC News · 9/30/2013