A federal court in Winston-Salem, NC, will begin hearings this week to determine whether voter suppression laws passed by the state legislature in 2013, violate the federal Voting Rights Act. A lawsuit seeks to restore federal pre-clearance of any changes ...
World Socialist Web Site · 7/17/2015
They were marking the start of a federal trial over a state law restricting when and how people can vote. The outcome of the trial could have sweeping implications for voting rights nationwide. “North Carolina was the first state to pass a restrictive ...
Wisconsin Gazette · 1 day ago
North Carolina
The federal judge presiding over the North Carolina voting rights trial agreed on Thursday ... and others challenging key provisions of the 3013 election law changes asked experts and voters about testimony presented by attorneys representing the state.
Charlotte Observer · ByAnne Blythe · 3 hours ago
voting rights trial
In the federal trial underway in Winston-Salem, North Carolina challenging the state's restrictive 2013 voting law, one much-discussed provision is not under consideration: the voter ID requirement. Just a few weeks …
Southern Studies · 7/17/2015
reasonable impediment
The second thing I'll say is that laws are being passed in states like Texas and North Carolina that either would have been blocked under the Voting Rights Act, or in fact were blocked under the Voting Rights Act and …
Rolling Stone · 1 day ago
Isabel is one of dozens of witnesses who has testified in the trial over North Carolina’s voter suppression law. The ACLU, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and others are challenging provisions of the law that …
The Chronicle · 19 hours ago
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WINSTON-SALEM, NC (AP) — An elections analyst testifying at a hearing on North Carolina’s elections law says black voter turnout increased on a national level, regardless of whether a state had such provisions as …
WWAY NewsChannel 3 · ByAllyson Lorick · 1 day ago
voter turnout
A professor at the University of Georgia says he has found no evidence that the new election law in North Carolina had an ... Monday that he could find no evidence that North Carolina's shortened early voting period discouraged a significant number of ...
WSOC-TV · 7/27/2015
It would have been bad enough if the North Carolina Legislature, in a misguided effort to streamline voting procedures, had passed a law that ended up having discriminatory effects. But what happened was far worse than that. The state’s Republican ...
New York Times · 7/15/2015
Personally, I’m torn when it comes to whether I support the Voter ID law. My battle of sides is not because ... How is it the state of North Carolina can deny my son his right to vote by the U.S. constitution?
Yadkin Ripple · 1 day ago