But the Hamden-based university poll found that Clinton’s lead for the Democratic ... while Biden would defeat both of them handily." President Obama's Approval
Connecticut Post · 3 minutes ago
Mr. Obama won 95% of that vote in 2008 and 93% in 2012 — keeping his Republican challengers well under 10%. That solid backing was a central part of the president’s coalition. But in the latest Wall Street …
The Wall Street Journal · ByDante Chinni · 1 day ago
Only 31% of survey participants were in favour of this measure with 36% opposed and 34% unsure. In August, Barack Obama launched “the clean power plan”, new rules designed to speed up the rate at which states …
The Guardian · 6 minutes ago
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Donald Trump attacked everything from Oreo cookies to President Obama in a speech in Manchester, N.H., yesterday. “I will never eat another Oreo again. I won’t,” the flamboyant, bomb-tossing GOP candidate …
Boston Herald · 8 hours ago
Despite Obama's up and down poll numbers and Hillary Clinton's recent moves to distance herself from her one-time 2008 rival, the president remains very popular among Democrats. The president has also signaled he will …
Channel 3000 · 5 minutes ago
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Biden will not be there, but 48 percent of Democrats surveyed in the Reuters poll wish he were a candidate ... use of a private email server while she was secretary of state in the Obama administration. That controversy has …
Yahoo News · 12 hours ago
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Trump’s incendiary comments on immigration and other issues have dominated the campaign and offended many Americans, but he nevertheless has seen his poll numbers climb steadily higher. During a speech to …
Pakistan Today · 2 hours ago
GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio goes "On the Record" Monday night on President Obama's contentious '60 Minutes' interview on Putin and Syria, the ISIS bombings in Turkey and the latest polls.
Fox Nation · 11 hours ago
Complete Denial
Obama won San Bernardino County with 52 percent of the vote ... might come down to how each party’s voters feel about their nominee. A nonpartisan Field Poll released last week showed support for Clinton among …
The Press-Enterprise · ByJeff Horseman · 12 hours ago
Inland Democrats
“Great, everyone is saying I did much better on @60Minutes last week than President Obama did tonight. I agree!” Trump gloated. While he may be boisterous, his confidence is not unfounded. In the latest poll by CBS, Trump holds first place in the ...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette · 8 hours ago
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