Pfeiffer, Obama's senior adviser for strategy and communications, playfully tweeted a picture of a tan suit (with a flag pin on the lapel) and said the president is "suiting up for the big speech." You'll recall that Obama blew up Twitter last summer when ...
USA Today · ByCatalina Camia · 1/20/2015
Relax, Obama's tan suit is stylish and seasonally appropriate. Now let's get back to the real news President Barack Obama held a news conference Thursday to reveal important information regarding Russia financing and arming separatists in Ukraine ...
Los Angeles Times · 8/29/2014
President Obama's much-talked-about tan suit was the first order of business on Friday when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest revealed the president 'feels pretty good' about the choice. Rather than address matters such as the crises in Syria …
Daily Mail · 8/30/2014
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Perhaps the only curious thing about Obama’s suit selection was its timing. Not the fact that he wore it during the summer time (that’s when you should be wearing a tan suit, if at any time), but that he wore it while discussing crucial issues of ...
Time · 8/29/2014
While many Republicans were focusing Thursday on President Barack Obama's admission that "we don't have a strategy yet" for battling the Islamic State (ISIS), Twitter users focused on something else: the light tan suit he wore to the press conference.
News Max · BySandy Fitzgerald · 8/29/2014
Somebody hand President Barack Obama a Bay Breeze cocktail with a bendy straw, stat, because he looks positively ready for a tropical vacay in his chic summer suit. POTUS debuted his tan suit at the White House briefing room today during a news …
E Online · 8/28/2014
President Obama’s appearance on Thursday at a news conference about Ukraine and Russia, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and the current threat in the Middle East in his now-famous tan suit attracted so much attention that the suit did not even …
The New York Times Fashion and Style · 8/29/2014
Obama’s tan suit is a Twitter tease before speech. President Barack Obama hadn’t even appeared for the 2015 State of the Union speech, but White House staffers started gossiping about his to-be-worn tan suit for the occasion. On the official Twitter ... · 1/21/2015
Never say the Obama administration doesn't have a sense of humor. An hour before Obama's State Of The Union speech was set to begin, the White House teased that Obama's tan suit might make another appearance. The Tan Suit, best known for … · 1/21/2015
NEW YORK (AP) — Quick! What exactly did President Barack Obama say from the White House briefing room about Syria, Iraq and Ukraine while dressed in the tan suit buzzed ’round the world? Precisely. If you get all your news from social media.
Salon · 8/30/2014