President Obama leaves the White House press briefing room on Aug. 28, 2014. (Photo: Evan Vucci, AP) White House aide Dan Pfeiffer was just teasing us about President Obama's sartorial choice for the State of the Union Address tonight. Pfeiffer …
USA Today · 1/20/2015
He had to sneak it in before Labor Day. President Barack Obama held a news conference this afternoon on the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria -- but all eyes were on the crisp tan suit he was sporting just days before Labor Day, which fashionistas deem to ...
ABC News · 8/28/2014
Just because the President wore a suit that wasn't a shade of gray or blue doesn't mean you should have a problem with it Let’s make this much clear: there is nothing wrong, wild or crazy about a tan suit. This may come as a shock to those who …
Time · 8/29/2014
President Barack Obama held a news conference Thursday to reveal important information regarding Russia financing and arming separatists in Ukraine, migrant children in the U.S. and his strategy for defeating the Islamic State in Syria, but all eyes seemed ...
Los Angeles Times · ByJenn Harris · 1/20/2015
While many Republicans were focusing Thursday on President Barack Obama's admission that "we don't have a strategy yet" for battling the Islamic State (ISIS), Twitter users focused on something else: the light tan suit he wore to the press conference.
News Max · BySandy Fitzgerald · 8/29/2014
Let no one say male politicians do not experience sartorial scrutiny and criticism just as their female colleagues do. President Obama’s appearance on Thursday at a news conference about Ukraine and Russia, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and the ...
The New York Times Fashion and Style · 8/29/2014
President Obama was making serious comments about the Islamic State’s threat, but the Twitterverse was obsessed with his tan suit. The explosion of tweets about Obama’s fashion sense seemed to reinforce the snarkiness of Twitter — and how slow ...
OnPolitics · ByCatalina Camia · 8/28/2014
US PRESIDENT Barack Obama held an important press conference at the White House today, where he discussed extremely serious topics such as the crimes of ISIS and Russia’s recalcitrant actions in Ukraine. As we mentioned earlier, Mr Obama was … · 8/29/2014
Tune into at 9pm ET #YesWeTan — Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) January 21, 2015 Just when you thought you had seen the last of President Obama's tan suits, his senior staff hinted that he might don one …
Washington Post · 1/21/2015
Especially since Michelle is always so on point. WATCH: Fox News' Keith Ablow Thinks Michelle Obama Should Lose Weight Then again, being president is hard, and you really do have bigger things to worry about. So many problems in the world its sad …
Entertainment Tonight Online · 8/30/2014
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