As the oceans’ chemistry is altered by rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide ... which are referred to as ocean acidification. The United Nations has warned that ocean acidification could cost the global economy …
Punch · 9/1/2015
ocean acidification
"Those warmer waters—along with rising seas, coastal droughts and ocean acidification—are already putting people, businesses, and communities at risk." The strategy aims to increase "the production, delivery, and …
eNews Park Forest · 8/28/2015
Well, much of this can be attributed to climate factors where rising temperatures have resulted in multiple ... just as the changing pH or acidity of the ocean has been shown to modify habitat and migrations. But what …
The Huffington Post · 9/1/2015
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Rising acidity along the coast of the Pacific Northwest ... The first is a call to assess the vulnerability of fish stocks to climate change and ocean acidification. This type of research will go a long way to prioritizing …
NRDC SWiTCHBOARD · 8/27/2015
Phytoplankton bloom north of Norway. NASA Earth Observatory Climate change’s oft ignored twin, ocean acidification, is usually thought of as a biological rather than a climatic problem. They’re seen as parallel (carbon dioxide emissions are a cause of ...
Ars Technica · ByScott K. Johnson · 8/29/2013
Rising acidity doesn't just imperil the West Coast's $110 ... to discuss their findings on oceans in a "high-C02 world." The full brunt of ocean acidification won't hit for decades. But scientists say the only sure way to avoid the worst is to ...
Los Angeles Times · ByKenneth R. Weiss · 10/7/2012
Dr Ceri Lewis from Biosciences said "It's a bit of a shock, frankly. It means the effects of ocean acidification may be even more serious than we previously thought. We need to look with new eyes at things which we thought were not vulnerable." The UK's ... · 10/31/2014
The rising acidity of the world’s oceans could devastate coastal communities around the United States over the next century, according to a new analysis. And because ocean acidification is exacerbated by other water quality problems such as agriculture ... · 2/23/2015
Carbon dioxide soaked up by seawater will cause plankton to release less cloud-forming compounds back into atmosphere. The slow and inexorable increase in the oceansacidity as they soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could itself have an …
Nature · 8/25/2013
The acidity ... such as rising water temperatures, overfishing and pollution." Negotiators in the Polish capital are working to craft by 2015 a treaty to limit from 2020 the carbon emissions that cause both global warming and ocean acidification.
News Max · 11/20/2013
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