It took several years for the Oregon oyster breeder and a team of scientists to find the culprit: a radical change in ocean acidity ... "We're changing the chemistry of the oceans." Rising acidity doesn't just imperil the West Coast's $110-million oyster ...
Los Angeles Times · ByKenneth R. Weiss · 10/7/2012
Rising carbon dioxide in the ocean is causing the coccolithophore ... said scientists might have expected that ocean acidity due to higher carbon dioxide would suppress these chalk-shelled organisms. It didn’t. On …
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carbon dioxide
The acidity ... such as rising water temperatures, overfishing and pollution." Negotiators in the Polish capital are working to craft by 2015 a treaty to limit from 2020 the carbon emissions that cause both global warming and ocean acidification.
News Max · 11/20/2013
The rising acidity of the world’s oceans could devastate coastal communities around the United States over the next century, according to a new analysis. And because ocean acidification is exacerbated by other water quality problems such as agriculture ... · 2/23/2015
The chapter discusses some of the negative environmental changes in the Antarctic caused by human activities, including high ocean acidity, unsustainable commercial fishing and rising temperatures. The last chapter, titled "Fishing for Solutions," provides ...
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A new study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University has found that the acidification of ocean poses serious threat to mollusk farming and fishing, an industry worth USD 1 billion. The study is important as it is one most comprehensive to ...
DelhiDailyNews · 2/24/2015
Ocean acidification isn't just making environmentalists anxious; it's also worrying the fish. Scientists have discovered that increased carbon dioxide in the world's oceans is causing fish to be more anxious, which could impact fisheries across the globe.
Science World Report · 12/5/2013
The Arctic Ocean’s acidity level is rising at an alarming rate due to changes in the global carbon cycle. Scientists with the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme in Oslo, Norway are concerned about the amount of carbon dioxide emissions …
Guardian LV · 5/7/2013
Rising acidity in the ocean caused by seas absorbing greenhouse carbon dioxide could make low-lying island nations like Kiribati and the Maldives more vulnerable to storms as their coral reefs struggle to survive, say scientists. Carbon dioxide in the ...
Times of Malta · 6/3/2008
A new documentary on Discovery's Planet Green network, Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification (premiering Wednesday, 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, and repeating throughout the month), explores this and other questions related to ocean · ByDoyle Rice · 8/12/2009