Late night hosts paid homage to the late, great Joan Rivers following her passing. Rivers passed away at 81 on Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where she had been taken last week after losing consciousness during an outpatient surgery.
Entertainment Tonight Online · 9/5/2014
With a new host behind the desk, Joan Rivers has returned to “Tonight.” After an exile of nearly 30 years, Joan Rivers appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” Monday night. The turn on the ‘Tonight’ stage marks the first time the veteran comedienne ...
Variety · 2/18/2014
Former Runaways member Jackie Fox, or as she is known today, Jackie Fuchs, appeared on HuffPost Live Thursday to discuss her sexual assault by band manager Kim Fowley in the mid-70’s. Fuchs went public …
Noise11 · 7/24/2015
Like millions of others, I anticipated last night’s return of AMC’s “Mad Men” as a return to familiar scenarios: rolling my eyes at Don, chuckling at Roger, wondering what it must have been like to live and work in that era. Throughout the series ...
Salon · 4/6/2015
I did a film with Dame Joan Collins once. No no, not The Stud. It wasn’t as good as that. It was called The Clandestine Marriage. And although it wasn’t that fun to watch, it was really fun to make. We filmed it one autumn in someone’s stately home.
The Spectator · 2/14/2015
Pioneering and sharp-tongued comedian Joan Rivers, who died on Thursday at age 81, gained a national audience on the Ed Sullivan Show and other late-night TV programs. She was one of Johnny Carson's stand-in hosts on The Tonight Show, and she …
The Week Magazine · 9/5/2014
The New York Philharmonic is the last member of New York’s major musical triumvirate to close its doors for the season, and the orchestra has done an excellent job of taking advantage of the spotlight. Last year’s Biennial was a huge success, and ... · 6/11/2015
"Can you be a trailblazer when no one has followed your trail?” asks Kevin Fallon. "Joan Rivers didn’t so much as pave the path to becoming the first woman in late-night TV so much as she bushwhacked it. And since her tumultuous navigation to that ...
HitFix · 9/6/2014
In her return to "Saturday Night Live" after 20 years, Sarah Silverman impersonated her late friend Joan Rivers.(Photo : Getty Images) Channelling the late comedienne and "Fashion Police" host, Silverman wore a blonde bob and red fur. In her sketch ...
Beauty World News · 10/6/2014
Melissa Rivers stood alone at the start of E!'s Fashion Police: Celebrating Joan special on Friday night, behind her mom's chair – the one with the big J pillow resting on it, empty. "For the last four years this set has been home to the funniest, most ... · ByAnn Oldenburg andMst September · 9/21/2014