A response, protest, and wake-up call due to lack of diversity among the acting nominations for this past years’ Academy Awards. In the wake of that, it may be viewed as refreshing that Magnolia Pictures is planning … · 1 day ago
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However, space movies have divided voters recently. On one hand, "Gravity" garnered nine Oscar nominations in 2014 including Best Picture and it won Best Director (Alfonso Cuaron). But in the same year, "Interstellar … · 10/3/2015
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No matter that he scarcely resembles the man – he captures the essence. Count on Oscar nominations for him, Rogen and Winslet,” said Mara Reinstein in Us Weekly. Steve Jobs was also the talk of Tinseltown …
The Inquisitr · 10/4/2015
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The Oscar nominations for next year will be announced on Jan 14 and the awards will take place on Feb 28. Singapore's previous selections for the Best Foreign Language Film category include Sanif Olek's Sayang …
AsiaOne · 14 hours ago
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But the film’s producers only recently revealed their run for Oscar nominations. The Oscar campaign, similar to Tangerine‘s aesthetic (it was shot solely on an iPhone 5s), will be low budget and guerilla style. The …
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(CNN)"Birdman" flew high and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" was truly grand at the nominations for the 87th Academy Awards, each earning nine nominations to top all films. "Birdman," subtitled "The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance" -- which led to many ...
CNN · ByTodd Leopold · 1/15/2015
USA NOW host Carly Mallenbaum talks with film critic Scott Bowles about the 2014 Oscar nominations. Who's in, and who'd the Academy overlook? (USA TODAY, USA NOW) Amy Adams, left, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer …
USA Today · 1/17/2014
View Gallery Academy Awards 2015 nominations: See the stars and movies up for an Oscar "Selma" only received two nominations ... for "The Imitation Game," Wes Anderson, for "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and Bennett Miller, for "Foxcatcher."
New York Daily News · ByEthan Sacks · 1/15/2015
In a year where the best-picture race has long felt like a foregone conclusion, Thursday’s Academy Awards nominations still managed to stir up controversy for their lack of diversity. Director Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” has been an Academy ...
Wall Street Journal · 1/16/2015
With 49 citations, he holds the record for the most Oscar nominations of any living person. Williams is expected to reunite with Steven Spielberg - with whom he has had a 40-year working relationship - for the director's …
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