Exclusive: Bipartisan bill pulls together existing efforts to dramatically reform the NSA in the wake of Snowden disclosures The conservative Republican who co-authored America's Patriot Act is preparing to unveil bipartisan legislation that would ... · 10/10/2013
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Republican Congressman from Wisconsin and a chief architect of the Patriot Act, has made headlines for criticizing the NSA's domestic spying. He considers the spying – and Dianne Feinstein’s recently proposed legislation to ...
Reason · 11/15/2013
Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), center, has now become Congress' most outspoken opponent to the NSA's metadata program ... And Sensenbrenner should know, too, because he authored the Patriot Act in October 2001 and supported its subsequent …
Ars Technica · ByCyrus Farivar · 9/5/2013
The Republican lawmaker who helped create the Patriot Act (pdf) says the National Security Agency (NSA) has gone too far in snooping on Americans, and wants Congress to adopt bipartisan legislation to curtail the agency’s domestic spying.
AllGov · 10/13/2013
Technically, three key provisions of the Patriot Act governing what data the NSA can collect and how expired tonight after ... Image via AP. Contact the author at
Gawker · 6/1/2015
US Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner at a hearing today of the European Parliament Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Committee (LIBE) on mass surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other intelligence services asked the EU politicians … · 11/11/2013
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who wrote and introduced the PATRIOT Act to Congress in 2001, said in a statement Thursday that the National Security Agency overstepped its bounds by issuing a secret order to collect phone log records from millions of ...
TPM · ByIgor Bobic · 6/6/2013
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) penned a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday in response to the “overbroad interpretation” of the Patriot Act. As the author who introduced the legislation, Sensenbrenner said he was “disturbed” by the ...
Mediaite · 6/6/2013
In an article published by the Guardian, Patriot Act creator, Jim Sensenbrenner criticized the NSA overreach and called for more reforms for the intelligence agency’s programs. After mentioning that the NSA scandal didn’t just hurt privacy, but also ...
Softpedia News · 11/20/2013
The original author of the Patriot Act says the government's "excessive" use of it to collect the phone records of millions of Verizon customers is an abuse of power. "While I believe the Patriot Act appropriately balanced national security concerns and ...
News Max · 6/8/2013