A team of scientists in Colombia are hoping to boost local banana growers’ productivity with the use of a high-resolution camera mounted onto a drone. The camera that ... lag behind countries such as Peru in terms of technological development.
Fresh Fruit Portal · 6/15/2015
Peru, Turkey, and a host of other countries, gathered at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exhibition last month where they unleashed their knowledge and training to create a drone design that could best the competition. The 2014 student ... · 12/18/2014
The Amazon Basin Conservation Association uses a custom drone to fly above the rain forest in Peru, scanning for illegal logging and mining taking place in the area. The group uses a custom made
Product Design & Development · 6/8/2015
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With the drones he hopes to at least be able to detect that destruction earlier and have a better chance to stop it. Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit Illegal logging and mining are major threats to tropical rain forests in Peru.
WBUR · 5/19/2015
adding to the number of regional publications resorting to “drone journalism.” In May 2013, La Prensa Peru flew a UAV over a posh neighborhood in downtown Lima in order to give a bird’s eye-view of renovations to the renowned Larco Avenue.
Blouin News Blogs · 6/2/2015
What about the Great Wall of China, or the Nazca Lines in southern Peru? I began reflecting on how the engineers ... which was designed without the help of a drone. Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Emmy Award-winning ...
Time · 7/29/2014
The "eagle eye" trial project is putting five drones in Huancayo's skies at a total cost of $50,000 "to help police identify criminals," said mayor Dimas Aliaga. The mayor said private companies were funding the trial and that an operations center would be ... · 5/15/2014
Remote-controlled aircraft were developed for military purposes and are a controversial tool in U.S. anti-terrorism campaigns, but the technology's falling price means it is increasingly used for civilian and commercial projects around the world.
Reuters · ByMitra Taj · 8/3/2013
Lima: In Peru, home to the spectacular Inca city of Machu Picchu and thousands of ancient ruins, archaeologists are turning to drones to speed up sluggish survey work and protect sites from squatters, builders and miners. Remote-controlled aircraft were ...
Gulf News · 7/10/2013
La Prensa follows some great examples of drone journalism in Latin America. La Prensa de Peru has used drones for reporting on road work and closures. Last year, Brazilian media Folha de São Paulo and Globo used drones to offer views of protestors ...
Popular Science · 2/4/2014