This isn’t the first time an orphan planet with no sun has been discovered, but this is the first time that astronomers and scientists are absolutely sure it’s a planet. In the past, the astronomers were unable to determine if these free-floating ...
Technabob · 10/10/2013
A few important reminders about our cousin Kepler 452b: No one has seen it. Only Kepler has detected ... "Previous estimates of Earth-like planets around sun-like stars suggest that 15-25 percent of stars host potentially habitable planets.
Reading Eagle · 7/28/2015
In the late 20th century, some authors posited the existence of an unknown planet called Nibiru by the ancient Babylonians, that is lurking behind the sun which might someday collide with earth. Astronomers could find … · 8/1/2015
Astronomers have discovered a new planet with no sun that is six times larger than Jupiter and 80 light years from Earth. The celestial body is drifting without a star to orbit and is believed to be 12 million years old. "We have never before seen an ...
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The Iraqi capital was the hottest city on the planet Friday — with the mercury hitting an unbearable ... "We are forced to accept the reality of living in such conditions, under the burning sun," 45-year-old salesperson …
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Hottest City
Much would depend, certainly, on the constituents of its atmosphere, assuming it has one, how much water is present, the surface topography, and so on — information that we have no way ... Kepler-438b's sun is a red …
Alamogordo Daily News · ByAlan Hale · 7/30/2015
(So far, no planets quite fit this bill ... making it easier to see the light reflected off the planets (similar to how blocking out the light from the sun with a hat makes it easier for the wearer to see things on the ground). The …
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Alien Life
The album Exit Planet Dust. The unrelated Ed 'n' Tom were the Chemical Brothers. Bang in the middle of the last decade of the last century, no one called it EDM ... the funk laid to the beat. In 'Setting Sun' the Chems doff their hat to the Beatles ...
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Chemical Brothers
No. Just no." But then he explains how we know this, and what would happen if a planet were to suddenly materialize, in an orbital position hidden from our view by the Sun. Eventually, our orbits would intersect, and there'd be an encounter. If we were ...
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"There is no Plan B, just as there is no Planet B; we have no intention of moving until President Obama rescinds the permit for Shell to drill in the Arctic," said Daphne Wysham of the Center for Sustainable Economy.
Kitsap Sun · 7/30/2015