Well, among other things, the fate of the planet. Last year was the hottest on record ... Still, this election wouldn’t have much bearing on the issue if there were no prospect of effective action against the looming …
Dallas News · 2/1/2016
energy revolution
The warmth of a sun has long been thought to be a key ingredient to life. But astronomers say 'rogue', sun-less planets that wander the stars could still harbour extra-terrestrials. While it sounds like science fiction, these planets may offer scientists a ...
Daily Mail · 4/9/2015
Of course, no one has actually seen Planet Nine. Rather, its existence has been inferred ... It likely takes about 20,000 years to complete its orbit around the sun, and nobody knows exactly where it is. On top of that, it's so far away, that - if it ...
Cape and Islands NPR · 2/2/2016
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And it’s no wonder we haven’t seen it yet. This planet’s orbit would be huge. Neptune, being 2.8 billion mile distance from the sun, takes about 162 years to complete one orbit, while Planet Nine might reach a …
The States Man · 2/3/2016
Planet Nine
... between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one complete orbit around the sun. Planet Nine could have a mass about 10 times larger than Earth’s. That means there’s no way it could be mistaken for a dwarf planet like Pluto, which was once ... · 1/27/2016
Ninth Planet
Note that Mars is a superior planet – a planet orbiting the sun outside of Earth’s orbit ... point for the day around 6 a.m. local time – the time on your clock no matter where you are on the globe – which is about six …
EarthSky · 8 hours ago
Our 'Pale Blue Dot' “All of which goes to show not only that the Earth is circular in shape, but also that it is a sphere of no great size ... Rowbotham envisioned the planet as a disk with the sun, moon and stars all …
Discovery Communications · 1/28/2016
Credit: NASA If you've read your share of sci-fi, and I know you have, you've read stories about another Earth-sized planet orbiting on the other side of the Solar System, blocked by the Sun. Could it really be there? No. Nooooo. No. Just no. This is a ...
Phys · 2/24/2015
I’ve always thought that if I could be any other animal, I would be a bear … I mean, they literally get to sleep for months on end and no one even bothers them about it! I do my best hibernating bear impression with the … · 1/31/2016
Moon Bears
Well, could this happen? Could there be another planet in a stable orbit, hiding behind the Sun? The answer, as you probably suspect, is NO. No. Nooooo. Just no. Well, that’s not completely true. If some powerful and mysterious flying spaghetti being ...
Universe Today · 2/23/2015