It is young - about 12 million years old. And unlike any other planet that has ever been discovered, it is not in orbit around a host star. "This thing is floating in space like our sun floats in space," said Eugene Magnier of the University of Hawaii at ...
Los Angeles Times · ByDeborah Netburn · 10/10/2013
They're subtle — and sometimes sung in Spanish — but the questions that are scattered across Calexico's Edge of the Sun carry the thrust of the ... a band or a city or a continent or a country or a planet. It's all about …
Phoenix New Times · ByEric Swedlund · 1 day ago
Sergio Mendoza
But before we move on from the briefly titillating question of whether we will find unexpected life on another planet within our lifetimes to the ... that this whole business about the Earth orbiting the sun – when common …
Salon · ByAndrew O'Hehir · 9/30/2015
Mars discovery
Hey, I said different world, not different planet. Gas was 35 cents a gallon and there wasn ... You get to go back to high school, only with no principals or hall monitors. But riding around in circles -- or idling down U.S. 90 -- would be boring if ...
Sun Herald · 2 hours ago
NASA announced last week an orbiter had for the first time found evidence of liquid water on a planet once considered dead. And while there will be no Martian invasion any ... proved the Earth was orbiting the sun. The … · 3 hours ago
The 193 member states adopted a sweeping new agenda for the next 15 years to eradicate extreme poverty and preserve the planet. President Barack Obama ... He declared that he is no longer bound by agreements signed with Israel — the most serious …
Sun Gazette · 45 minutes ago
Like Laskar, Zeebe found that in roughly 1% of his simulations, the planet eventually acquired a highly elliptical orbit. In three cases, Mercury hit the sun. And in seven other cases, it hit Venus, with no ill effects for our … · 9/18/2015
Superfoods are some of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. While many of us are just catching on ... It has healthy apples, superfood goji berries and it’s raw so there’s no dough. It is as nutritious as it … · 10/1/2015
A planet six times more massive than Jupiter has been spotted drifting, cold and alone, eighty light years from Earth. It’s a dark world, and astronomers say it could be the first real example of a free-floating celestial body to date. However, how it ...
News OXY · ByMichael Stevens · 8/2/2014
But wait, you say, the Earth travels the Earth’s orbit… what’s going to happen to our beloved planet? Will it be gobbled up like poor Mercury and Venus? Astronomers have been puzzling this question for decades. When the sun becomes a red giant ...
Universe Today · 1/31/2008