With no sun to call its own, the planet ... It’s true Liu’s team first noticed PSO J318.5-22 while searching for traces of failed stars in data amassed by Pan-STARRS1, a wide-field survey telescope situated atop Haleakala volcano, on the Hawaiian ...
News OXY · ByMichael Stevens · 8/2/2014
European astronomers have discovered a planet with about the mass of the Earth orbiting a star in the Alpha ... the planets found by HARPS are around stars close to the Sun — with the new discovery being the closest yet. This makes them better targets ... · 10/16/2012
Davis even compared protesters to apes, tweeting, “Baltimore the last few days = real life Planet of the Apes ... according to Springfield News-Sun. ”We are public servants — we represent this community and serve …
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It's got a sun in the middle, little planets on the inside, bigger ones farther out. That's what most of them should look like, no? We thought they should. In astronomy class (for any of us who took astronomy) they talked about a "frost line." That's a ...
NPR News · ByRobert Krulwich · 5/7/2013
The pioneer of solar astronomy, Angelo Secchi, was an Italian priest who observed the sun and planets from a telescope on a church ... For Consolmagno, astronomer and cleric, that’s no big deal: “If you believe in truth, you are worshipping the same ...
The Daily Reporter · 11 minutes ago
Catholic Church
A dwarf planet is now officially defined as a "celestial body in direct orbit of the Sun that is massive enough for its shape ... suits this planet like no other.
Space Daily · 12/3/2014
No, we want to keep the numbers low ... at least during the most remote portion of its journey around the sun. The rule seemed carefully crafted so that “dwarf planets” like Pluto, Eres and the asteroid Ceres didn’t make the cut.
Time · 9/26/2014
Pre-Miss USA pageant, The Kats Report Bureau at the moment is in the pageant’s media room and “nerve center” at Planet Hollywood ... Despite the sign still in place at Peepshow theater, Marshall Sylver’s hypnosis spectacle and self-help …
Las Vegas Sun · ByJohn Katsilometes · 6/16/2013
Life after One Direction seems to be no less hectic for Zayn Malik ... The Grammy-winning rapper told The Sun in mid-March 2015: “If Zayn wants a rap career, just because of who he is, he is going to sell records.
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Switch off the Sun and Earth would become a very chilly place. No one denies our star's central role in determining how warm our planet is. The issue today is how much solar changes have contributed to the recent warming, and what that tells us about ...
New Scientist · 5/16/2007