One such place would be in orbit around a white or brown dwarf. While neither is a star like the sun, both glow and so could be orbited by planets with the right ingredients for life. No terrestrial, or Earth-like planets have yet been confirmed orbiting ... · 11/19/2012
Further, the orbits of the newfound object, known as 2012 VP113, and some of its neighbors are consistent with (though by no means proof of) the existence of a planet-size "perturber" far from the sun — perhaps so distant that it cannot be detected with ...
FOX News · 3/28/2014
Astronomers have found more real-life versions ... of confirmed double-sun worlds up to three. Two worlds, four suns Both newfound twin-sun planets are low-density gas giants located around distant star pairs. [Gallery: "Tatooine" Planets With 2 Suns ...
The Huffington Post · ByCharles Q. Choi · 1/12/2012
The sun, moon and vast array of stars littering the night sky were all essential in generating life on Earth. "Earth really is a perfect planet for life, but also complex life," Pennsylvania State University Astronomy Researcher Paul Robertson said.
AccuWeather · 7/27/2014
In the midst of chaos here on Earth, scientists are finding hope for life on other planets. Scientists ... star -- which corresponds to Earth's sun, but is smaller and cooler -- takes the name Kepler-62. The star's planets are designated by letters after ...
CNN · ByElizabeth Landau · 4/21/2013
I hope no one should ever find themselves stuck ... To put it in perspective, the planets’ surface is about half the temperature of the surface of our sun and twice as hot as lava. It also orbits its star at a blistering pace. It completes a full orbit ... · 5/14/2013
Most of Earth-like planets could have been rendered uninhabitable by massive ... Coronal mass ejections are where a huge amount of plasma is hurled outwards from the Sun, and there is no reason why they should not occur on other active stars as well.
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Rio De Janeiro - A Brazilian astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Rodney Gomes, has announced that there may be an undiscovered rogue planet lurking in the shadow of Neptune. Planet Nibiru ... out from the sun but that's ...
Digital Journal · ByJohnthomas Didymus · 5/15/2012
As­tro­no­mers work­ing with NASA’s Kep­ler mis­sion have found what they call the first near-Earth-sized plan­et in the “hab­it­able zone” of a Sun-like star. The hab­it­a­ble zone is the range of dis­tances from a star where tem­per ...
World Science · 7/24/2015
Fifty million years ago, there were no polar ice caps and beech trees flourished on Antartica ... What will a few degrees of warming do to a planet? To a human body? This is where the analogy breaks down. The rise of greenhouse gases is not going to ...
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