Now he’s fighting back. Pope Francis will use a Jeep Wrangler as his American Popemobile, Vatican says Donald Trump says he would scare Pope Francis over capitalism views: ‘ISIS wants to get you’
Washington Post · 3 hours ago
Pope Francis
Departing from his prepared text, Pope Francis told people in the square ... including nearly 40,000 Syriac Catholics, were driven out by ISIS militants. The militants have posted multiple videos of beheadings. Patriarch …
Catholic Herald · 4 hours ago
Pope Francis
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speculated on Wednesday that he could have to "scare" the pope. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo asked the real-estate magnate during an interview Wednesday how he'd react …
Yahoo Finance · 8/21/2015
Pope Francis
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If he had the chance to meet Pope Francis, Donald Trump says he would use the opportunity to deliver the pontiff a warning. "I'd say, 'ISIS wants to get you,'" Trump told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. Trump made …
The Huffington Post · 8/20/2015
Pope Francis
Trump replied that he'd tell the pope, "ISIS wants to get you ... It is probably wise that the pope avoids the word. Perhaps Pope Francis has little interest because he believes that "realities are more important than ideas.
CNBC · 8 hours ago
Pope Francis
Donald Trump warns Pope Francis that ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) is out to get him. In a CNN interview Wednesday regarding Pope Francis’ comments against unbridled capitalism, Republican …
The Inquisitr · 8/21/2015
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said in an interview that if Pope Francis were to criticize him and capitalism during the pontiff's upcoming visit in September, the billionaire businessman will have to "scare …
The Christian Post · ByStoyan Zaimov · 8/20/2015
Pope Francis is heading to America soon, whereupon he’ll do that thing where he kisses the little Catholic babies and says “Death to America,” or at least that’s how it sounds to Republicans, who don’t like how …
Wonkette · 8/20/2015
The Donald and The Pope. Donald Trump pondered a potential meeting with Pope Francis, and the GOP hopeful weighed in on a “warning” that he would give the Pope if Francis were to criticize capitalism when the …
Examiner · 8/21/2015
Donald Trump's message to Pope Francis? "ISIS wants to get you," he said when speaking to CNN, according to the Washington Post. Trump was responding to a question about a hypothetical situation in which he …
HNGN · 8/21/2015
Pope Francis