An extremely rare $4 gold coin featuring the face of Lady Liberty is being auctioned off later this month in a sale that could fetch millions. The auction house Bonhams is offering 27 valuable coins at a September 23 auction in Los Angeles, Calif.
The Huffington Post · ByMeredith Bennett-Smith · 9/14/2013
A rare $4 gold coin from 1880 is expected to fetch as much as $1.5 million when it is auctioned off later this month in Los Angeles, it was reported in Yahoo News on Sept. 13. The rare $4 gold coin is called the “1880 $4 Stella Coiled Hair Cameo PF-67 ...
Examiner · 9/14/2013
The quick, happy ending resulted from the honesty of a show visitor, Chris Nokes of Kirkland, Washington, who received an unexpected gold coin reward from the grateful Hendelson. The lost and quickly-found coin was a Flowing Hair variety “Stella” ($4 ...
CoinWeek LLC · 3/10/2015
Of course, the more coins there are, the less valuable ... Rare Edward III This gold coin was auctioned for $6.80 million at Spink auction house. There are only three of these coins out in the world today. Queen Elizabeth II This is worth $4 million.
Wealth Daily · 10/23/2013
An auction gallery in Georgia is selling what’s believed to be one of the rarest coins ever made in the United States — a $3 gold coin estimated to be worth up to $4 million. The coin is believed to be a 1870-S $3 piece from the San Francisco Mint that ...
FOX News · 5/16/2012
... three bucks Is this the most expensive $3 coin in the world? It very well may be if it sells for its estimated price of $4 million when it goes up for auction. It's not even the fact that it's made of gold that makes this coin extremely expensive ...
Yahoo News · 5/18/2012
A rare $4 gold coin could be sold for $1.5 million when it goes up for auction on Sept. 23 in Los Angeles. As Yahoo! News reports, auction house Bonhams will include the coin, known as the Coiled Hair Stella, in a lot with 26 other coins worth between $6 ...
International Business Times · 9/14/2013
Los Angeles — Bonhams will offer an extraordinary 1880 $4 Stella Coiled Hair Cameo ... Director of the Rare Coins and Medals Department at Bonhams. The Tacasyl Collection of Magnificent United States Gold Proof Coins will be offered on September 23 ...
Art Fix Daily · 8/5/2013
With a dozen coins selling for $1 million or more in 2014 and the first gold coin struck for the United States fetching $4.5 million, the nonprofit Professional Numismatists Guild estimates the overall U.S. rare coin market to be worth about $5 billion.
Reuters · ByPatricia Reaney · 3/8/2015
A rare coin dating back to 1880 will be auctioned off in Los Angeles on September 23. It is a $4 (€3) coin manufactured of pure gold. International Business Times reports that the item is a part of a 27-piece coin collection which is worth millions.
Softpedia News · 9/14/2013