Star Wars creator George Lucas is trying to stop a company from making a high-powered laser that bloggers around the world have dubbed "a real-life lightsaber". His company, Lucasfilm, has theatened legal action against Shanghai-based Wicked Lasers if …
Sydney Morning Herald · 7/8/2010
This is a good one to show off my sci-fi, geek knowledge. We do actually have a pretty good idea of how lightsabers are supposed to work, thanks to the extensive technical manuals written by the Lucas team. The first thing you need to know is the beam is ...
The Independent · 12/20/2014
A Colorado-based advertising agency has created the antidote for those workweek feelings of "Oh god, oh god, I can't take this anymore": the so-called "Happy Hour Virus." Though it may sound like an STD euphemism, the program actually offers three …
GQ Magazine · 11/15/2013
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If you're at all like me, then you've spent the majority of your life dreaming of the day when you could finally purchase your very own Lightsaber. From the first moment I glimpsed one in Episode IV, I knew it was my life's goal to have one of these things.
Moviefone · 6/10/2010
Because this could be our first step towards real-life lightsabers. Sure, that comparison has been wildly overhyped, as getting two photons to form a molecule in a vacuum chamber isn’t exactly going to chop of someone’s hand anytime soon, or ever.
Dr Jay's · ByBen Glaser · 9/30/2013
(NBC) --Dust off the Jedi robes and change the batteries in the lightsaber, young padawan: You're going to school. Sign up for real-life lightsaber training at the Golden Gate Knights, who have a facility just for this purpose in San Francisco. Bring $10 ... · 8/7/2012
According to Metro, they’ve created a real-life lightsaber! It was created by accident when a team was able to get photons to stick together and form a molecule. They say the molecules behave like a Jedi’s lightsaber.
News Channel3 · ByDoris Taylor · 9/27/2013
The crossguard lightsaber has nothing on these. Now all Padawan learners can complete their journey and become Jedi masters the old fashioned way in real life: by building their own lightsabers. The Jedi Master Lightsaber set was unveiled by Hasbro at …
TheMarySue · 2/13/2015
CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – An MIT scientist who has helped develop real life lightsaber molecules says the discovery could lead to amazing scientific advancements. Professor Vladan Vuletic spoke with WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben on Friday and explained that …
CBSBoston · 9/27/2013
"You wouldn't need too much force to land a deadly blow," he says. There are real-life techniques to push an opponent's blade away, but the perpetual lightsaber clashing shown in the movies' duels doesn't make any sense," Saleu says. "You aren't there to ...
Popular Mechanics · 2/7/2014