Everybody wants a lightsaber. For all kinds of scientific and practical reasons, they're a little bit hard to come by in real life, but virtual reality has no such limitations. That's why this amped-up, motion-tracking version of Luke Skywalker's remote ... · 7/29/2015
Because this could be our first step towards real-life lightsabers. Sure, that comparison has been wildly overhyped, as getting two photons to form a molecule in a vacuum chamber isn’t exactly going to chop of someone’s hand anytime soon, or ever.
Dr Jay's · ByBen Glaser · 9/30/2013
According to Metro, they’ve created a real-life lightsaber! It was created by accident when a team was able to get photons to stick together and form a molecule. They say the molecules behave like a Jedi’s lightsaber.
News Channel3 · ByDoris Taylor · 9/27/2013
Researchers from Harvard University and MIT have discovered a way to recreate the lightsabers from George Lucas’ Star Wars films. They claim to have found a way of binding photons that renders new molecules, which behave in similar ways to the …
Tribute · 10/1/2013
We didn't realize it was "Star Wars" week, but after TMZ posted two sets of awesome photos from the set of Episode VII -- we've now captured a real-life "lightsaber" battle in Central Park ... well as real as possible. These aren't just some random nerds ...
TMZ · 6/5/2014
"You wouldn't need too much force to land a deadly blow," he says. There are real-life techniques to push an opponent's blade away, but the perpetual lightsaber clashing shown in the movies' duels doesn't make any sense," Saleu says. "You aren't there to ...
Popular Mechanics · 2/7/2014
If you're at all like me, then you've spent the majority of your life dreaming of the day when you could finally purchase your very own Lightsaber. From the first moment I glimpsed one in Episode IV, I knew it was my life's goal to have one of these things.
Moviefone · 6/10/2010
BEIRUT — A company that builds lasers has made "Star Wars" fans' dreams come true with the creation of a real-life lightsaber. The company, Wicked Lasers, has produced a 32-inch device they call the LaserSaber -- a polycarbonate that attaches to …
Orlando Sentinel · 5/10/2012
Fortunately for those brave souls, there is now a real-life lightsaber that you can accidentally cut a loved one’s head off with. Over at Gizmodo, they’re hip to a new portable laser that’s shockingly cheap at $200. I have no idea what kind of ...
Film School Rejects · 6/10/2010
YouTube user VidGeo made this video, synching a dramatic, real-life chipmunk fight with the a small piece of the music and dialogue from the lightsaber battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.”
Oklahoma News · 7/21/2015