The riots are a result of the racist agitation fomented by the ... Last summer, on the eve of the NATO summit in Warsaw in June, the Polish government ended visa-free travel between the Polish border regions and …
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WARSAW Poland's government backed the disputed publication of ... Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said police had identified 80 people …
opposition protesters
532 – Nika riots in Constantinople failed ... 1933 Ray Dolby, American inventor (Dolby noise reduction system), was born . 1943 Warsaw
Prime Minister
When Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges, riots broke out across the country ... Great-racial-healing-master Barack Obama was in Warsaw
Race Relations
LISBON, Jan 18 (Reuters) - Riot police were called in after angry Sporting fans ... below rank outsiders Legia Warsaw. Those results are far below expectations for a team which includes several members of Portugal's …
Riot police
According to The Guardian newspaper, the attacks came in waves that coincided with riots on May 3, 2007 ... Hackers in 2014 attacked the …
Pavlensky says he found out about the investigation on 14 December, …
political asylum
AP/Slimes: WARSAW, Poland — American soldiers rolled into Poland on ... is up to something and it may go down before the inauguration — …
Poland’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Marcin Wojciechowski condemned the actions at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw in particular. “There is no justification for hooliganism,” Wojciechowski wrote on Twitter. Riot
More than 200 people have been arrested after violent clashes broke out between hooligans and police in