“I just couldn’t believe that somebody could be that violent afterwards and then damage the car,” said one of the victims of the road rage. The driver said he ... Oh my gosh! I hope karma is going to probably get this …
CBS Local Media-Los Angeles · 11/18/2015
Motorcyclist Caught
A case of road-rage “karma” has gone viral after a Florida woman posted video of an interaction she had with another motorist who was tailgating her while she drove in the left lane this week. Seconds after flipping the driver the bird on U.S. Highway ... · 3/28/2014
You can't see the guy on the motorcycle passing people on either side of the road earlier. Then him and the other guy in the gold SUV have words at a light and I have my daughter start recording. The moron on the bike walks up to the SUV with his hand in ... · 7/20/2015
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A driver made a rude hand gesture and crashed his truck almost immediately after in what many people are calling an instance of instant karma. The rude gesture occurs ... the truck can be seen fishtailing across the road and crashing.
Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City · 3/27/2014
The road rage video closes with Sloan screaming, “That’s what you get! All on video buddy!”, as she passes him on the road. Rarely will one find such a pure example of karma being served up in a more quick and absolute fashion. Perhaps this explains ...
The Inquisitr · 3/28/2014
Last week, a YouTube video about an “instant karmaroad rage incident involving a Florida man and the slow-driving woman in front of him filming the encounter went viral on Reddit’s r/justiceporn — with users as annoyed at the iPhone wielding ...
Social News Daily · 4/1/2014
Huffington post reported March 27 that one Florida Driver (the handle used by the "Redneck Road Rage" video uploader ... But Huffington Post discovered that the Redneck Road Rage Driver and Instant Karma recipient was one Jeffrey Travis White.
Examiner · 3/30/2014
A Florida woman shot video of a man tailgating her, then flipping her the bird as he passed on the right. Almost immediately, the man`s truck crashed and she laughed about "karma." He was not injured and was later arrested. This segment aired on the …
Yahoo News · 11/27/2015
It seems the world wasn't quite done delivering just deserts to the man primarily responsible for the road rage internet video du jour, 'Instant Karma.' A woman filmed a man apparently tailgating her on a road in Tampa, Fla. last week. Shortly after he's ...
The Huffington Post · 3/31/2014
EDITORS NOTE: The video above shows hand gestures that may be offensive to some viewers. TAMPA, FL — A Florida woman captured an amazing act of road rage and posted it to YouTube. The incident did not end well for the driver. The YouTube video …
Fox2now · 3/27/2014