Authorities said a Proton-M rocket would blast off from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan on August 28 ... in one of a string of embarrassing failures for Russia's troubled space programme. The state-run …
Yahoo News · 7/29/2015
"The next 'Proton' launch is planned for August. It will be a commercial launch," Komarov said early on Thursday without specifying what kind of spacecraft the rocket will carry into orbit. According to Komarov, both the rocket and the vessel are already ...
Space Daily · 7/28/2015
(Bloomberg) -- A Russian spacecraft soared toward the International Space Station with three astronauts after a successful launch that contrasted with fiery failures by two for ... days after delivering a new Soyuz rocket
MSN · 7/23/2015
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Their flight in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft was delayed nearly two months by a failed Russian resupply mission ... some common components with the Soyuz crew capsule and launches on a similar rocket. The …
FLORIDA TODAY · 7/23/2015
Delta IV launch
A Russian-built rocket failed during a communications satellite launch over the weekend, dealing another blow to the nation's space program. The unmanned Proton-M rocket carrying the Mexsat-1 satellite for the Mexican government crashed shortly after ...
Space · ByMike Wall · 5/18/2015
When Orbital ATK's (NYSE:OA) Antares rocket exploded in the skies over Wallops Island, Va., last year, fingers pointed immediately at the rocket's engine maker, Russia's now-defunct ... Falcon 9 rocket's second …
The Motley Fool · ByRich Smith · 7/25/2015
Since the US space shuttle program was shut down in 2011, Russia’s Soyuz rocket remains the only way to deliver ... Prior to last month explosion, Falcon 9 has experienced only one partially failed launch in 2012 …
RT · 7/21/2015
SpaceX rocket blast
The last Russian cargo ship successfully launched also followed the failed launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket , which exploded roughly 3 minutes after launch. SpaceX has since come to believe the explosion was … · 7/23/2015
On July 3, Russia, which had its own failed launch in April, successfully launched an unmanned rocket to carry supplies to the space station.
Defense Systems · 7/22/2015
Russian rocket launches don’t get nearly as much play as, say, a SpaceX launch. But in light of recent events, the Soyuz rocket blasting into orbit at 12:55 AM EST tonight, which will carry a spacecraft loaded with food and supplies to the International ...
Gizmodo · 7/2/2015