While we’re on the subject of large ships, the Soviet-built Zubr-class hovercraft comes to mind. While China did not design this beast, they have acquired this beast for their own fleet. Displacing 450 tons and … · 1/30/2016
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A Russian hovercraft interrupted a beautiful day at the beach for hundreds of locals at Mechnikovo, Kaliningrad. According to witnesses, the massive hovercraft produced a terrible roar and a massive wake. The gawking beachgoers quickly whipped out their ...
International Science Times · 8/22/2013
The Russian Navy hit on a novel way of securing a spot on a crowded beach when they drove a massive hovercraft onto the shore while shocked sunbathers and swimmers could only look on in amazement. The huge vessel powered past swimmers sending …
Daily Mail · 8/22/2013
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Don't you know the beach is no place for puny civilians? Hundreds of beachgoers in Russia received a startling surprise on Sunday when a massive military hovercraft landed on the crowded shoreline. Sky News reports that nobody was injured by the 550-ton ...
The Huffington Post · 8/22/2013
In Russia, you don't go to military base; military base goes to you. At least that's what hundreds of beachgoers near Kaliningrad learned when a nearly 200-foot-long hovercraft, spraying a plume of water 80-feet high, made an unexpected landing.
The Christian Science Monitor · ByEoin O'Carroll · 8/22/2013
Russian beachgoers were greeted with a big surprise when a military hovercraft suddenly splashed ashore. As UPI notes, sunbathers relaxing in Mechnikovi, Kaliningrad, were stunned when a Zubr-class hovercraft docked at their local beach. In a video which ...
International Business Times · 8/22/2013
That hovercraft caught invading a popular Russian beach last week wasn't just any old air-cushioned aquatic landing platform, it's the single biggest such vehicle in the entire Russian arsenal—or in any other military's, for that matter. In the most ...
Gizmodo · ByAndrew Tarantola · 9/3/2013
A giant Russian military hovercraft surprised a beach full of sunbathers when it made a landing on the Baltic coast. The Telegraph reported on August 21 that the vessel is believed to be a Russian Navy Zubr-type hovercraft, which can travel up to 68 mph.
Examiner · 8/22/2013
Sun bathers at a beach in Mechnikovo, Russia got a surprise visit from a 500 ton hovercraft this week. Amateur footage shows the enormous military vehicle speeding over the water toward the beach. The Russian military said that the hovercraft was docking ...
The Inquisitr · ByDan Evon · 8/22/2013
A Russian hovercraft made an unexpected stop at a packed beach, while out on a tactical mission. Thankfully, no one was apparently hurt. Everyone, though, was surprised. According to Business Insider, the beach apparently belongs to the Russian military.
Kotaku · 8/22/2013