Jerry Seinfeld insists his kids aren't rich brats—not that there's anything wrong with that. In the newest issue of The New York Times Magazine, the comedian, who has an estimated worth of $800 million, claims his children (Sascha, 12, Julian ...
US Magazine · 12/21/2012
Jerry Seinfeld cheered on his fifteen year old daughter Sascha as she participated on horseback in the 40th Annual Hampton Classic. Jerry makes a point of being engaged his three kids’ lives. His half-joking philosophy on child-rearing: “When the ...
Oye! Times · 8/26/2015
"Both parents and baby are doing great," Seinfeld's spokeswoman said. The baby, named Sascha Seinfeld, is the first child for the couple, who were married last December. Live 'Drew': Tonight's "Drew Carey Show" will be live, with the cast doing three ...
Los Angeles Times · 11/8/2000
so you can see boys,'” Seinfeld said of a conversation between wife Jessica Seinfeld and eldest daughter, Sascha. “You know what my daughter says? She says, ‘That’s sexist.'” “They just want to use these words — ‘That’s racist,’ ‘That ...
The Inquisitr · 6/9/2015
JERRY SEINFELD ad­mits he suffers ... was something that used to depress him. Seinfeld wed the former Jes­sica Sklar, 41, now a successful cookbook author, in 1999. They’re the parents of daughter Sascha, 12, and sons Julian, 9, and Shep­herd, 7.
National Enquirer · 1/7/2013
But she’s got it somehow … the first I saw that, ‘Wow, this is genetic!'” Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, have three children. Sascha, the oldest, is now 14. Jerry Seinfeld is still wielding his hammer — and he has no plans to put it down.
WSPA · 8/23/2015
Seinfeld didn’t just go after his phantom PC attackers, he focused on college kids and young people in general. He referred to his 14-year-old daughter, Sascha, as an example of all that is wrong: My daughter is 14. My wife says to her ...
Alter Net · 6/13/2015
“Dads of the year, Jerry Seinfeld and @nachofigueras,” she joked, “making Sascha try her first Coke.” He may be a multi-millionaire, but it seems Seinfeld is still just a big kid. Jerry Seinfeld recently finished the fourth season of his web series ... · 7/30/2014
While on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Jerry Seinfeld and host Fallon took audience questions for an online exclusive video. A fan asked Seinfeld whether his kids -- 13-year-old daughter Sascha, 10-year-old son Julian and 7-year-old son Shepherd -- have ...
The Huffington Post · 7/9/2013
Just ask Jessica Seinfeld. Last week, the longtime brunette debuted her ... those who really matter in her life — her children, Sascha, 13, Julian, 11, and Shepherd, 8, and her husband of 14 years — gave her their stamp of approval.
People Magazine · 5/15/2014