A few weeks ago – too early for it to be called a Christmas miracle – rapper Snoop Dogg and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hung out at the White House. The meet-up took place during a soiree thrown by the Obama administration to honor the 2013 ...
People · 12/27/2013
It has become the fist pump heard around the political world, one that married Washington, D.C.’s, most powerful with the hip-hop world in the form of a dap between Snoop Dogg and Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry and D-O-double-G hooked up at the ...
Red Alert Politics · 12/27/2013
John Kerry, Secretary of State, and Snoop Lion (née Dogg), Tha Doggfather, recently met at a black tie party to honor the Kennedy Center honorees. It went well! To summarize: While an instrumental version of Kennedy Center honoree Billy Joel's "She's ...
Yahoo News · 12/27/2013
A long way from Compton, Secretary of State John Kerry and Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now?) fist-bumped at the White House (prompting the comment from V.P. Joe Biden, “Ooh, he gave you the pound!”). The surprising hangout took place at a …
Salon · ByNatasha Lennard · 12/27/2013
Secretary of State John Kerry makes Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion’s White House visit memorable and a viral sensation when the rapper visited during the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors. John Kerry, who can be seen standing talking to Snoop Dogg · 12/31/2013
Secretary of State John Kerry and Snoop Dogg share a hip-hop chat and a fist bump. This is a sentence I never thought I'd have to write in my life. But, somehow, the famous rapper and the politician seemed to be sharing a moment together when they met …
Softpedia News · 12/28/2013
This has got to be the most formal fist bump in the history of fist bumping! Snoop and Secretary of State John Kerry may have just become besties after meeting one another and pounding it out! The two were dressed in tuxedos and exchanged pleasantries ...
Perez Hilton · 12/27/2013
John Kerry has the charisma of a head of lettuce that`s been rotting in a dumpster for a couple of weeks, and he has the hipness factor of a nursing home resident sporting a Christmas sweater. John Kerry reminds me of old age and death, he`s the last ...
Student Operated Press · ByRobert Paul Reyes · 12/28/2013
In a video recently posted on Instagram by Snoop Dogg that was punctuated by a fist-pound, Secretary of State John Kerry and Snoop can be heard having a brief conversation about hip-hop at a White House reception for the Kennedy Center Honors on Dec. 8.
ABC News · ByChris Good · 12/27/2013
Instead of a traditional handshake, rapper Snoop Dogg and Secretary of State John Kerry shared a casual fist bump at a White House event. Snoop Dogg, more recently known as Snoop Lion, posted a video on his Instagram account on Thursday, showing … · 12/27/2013
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