Snoop Dogg has posted a video of his visit to the White House earlier this month. The 'Drop It Like It's Hot' rapper is seen in conversation with Secretary of State John Kerry in the clip. He posted the clip to his Instagram profile, alongside the caption ...
Digital Spy · 12/27/2013
Snoop Dogg can bro-down with anyone, on that we can probably all agree. Whether it’s Secretary of State John Kerry, Seth Rogan, Oprah Winfrey or Willie Nelson, everyone loves the D-O-double-G. Snoop had been beefing with wrestler Currtis Axel for a … · 3/24/2015
Snoop Dogg has posted an Instagram video of his recent visit to the White House, where he donned a tuxedo and got chummy with Secretary of State John Kerry. ‘Boss life. me n john kerry at d white house !!!’ Snoop wrote in a caption alongside the video.
Metro · 12/27/2013
What happens when Snoop Dogg goes to Washington? He fist-bumps the Secretary ... "He invented hip-hop, that’s why it only makes sense,” the rapper can be heard saying to John Kerry, who had his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, close at hand.
United Press International · 12/27/2013
John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, hit rap star Snoop Dogg with a passable fist bump earlier this month, showing that when it comes to politicians America might have the crazies, but it’s got some fairly cool ones too. The encounter took place during ...
Huffington Post UK · 12/27/2013
Does this mean John Kerry suddenly has street cred?! While Snoop Dogg has produced hits such as "Gin & Juice," "Murder Was the Case" and has made no secret of his love of marijuana, the 42-year-old rapper proved he can not only rub elbows with …
YAHOO · 9/29/2015
John Kerry, Secretary of State, and Snoop Lion (née Dogg), Tha Doggfather, recently met at a black tie party to honor the Kennedy Center honorees. It went well! To summarize: While an instrumental version of Kennedy Center honoree Billy Joel's "She's ...
The Wire · 12/27/2013
Rapper Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg, had a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry at the White House last December 9th where they were seen greeting each other with a very diplomatic fist bump. The video uploaded by Snoop Dogg
Latinos Post · 2/8/2014
Snoop Dogg apparently took a trip to the White House for the 36th annual Kennedy Center Honors celebration this week, and ended up having a run-in with Secretary Of State John Kerry. The two discussed Herbie Hancock (who was being honored that … · 12/27/2013
following his metamorphosis from Dogg to Lion. Please watch Snoop and his family visit the White House where Snoop shares an excellent fist bump with John Kerry in the video above. And finally Snoopzilla arrived in 2013, who's not really a reincarnation as ... · 10/14/2014