That study found that between 2005 and 2014, the Social Security Administration added roughly $15.4 billion in debt, collecting back just over half of that. The government also waived $1.4 billion of overpayments
CNBC · ByKelley Holland · 11/17/2015
Social Security
The scale of the institutionalised fraud and abuse of the social security safety net has driven the federal ... A further $1.7 billion in overpayments discovered through forensic data matching, revealed in July, will now be …
The Telegraph · 30 minutes ago
Welfare frauds
On top of this, Social Security overpaid benefits to the tune of $8.5 billion in 2014 alone. This year, it's recovered $3.4 billion but still has $18.5 billion in outstanding overpayments to collect. A billion here, a billion there.
Investors Business Daily · ByJohn Merline · 11/13/2015
Social Security Numbers
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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The Social Security Administration is overpaying big sums of money to disability beneficiaries — and lawyers, consumer advocates and watchdogs say the agency’s own missteps are to blame. Long after notifying …
Fox 8 Cleveland · 10/29/2013
Elizabeth Siener was shocked by a notice from Social Security asking her to repay more than $11,000. The Social Security Administration is overpaying big sums of money to disability beneficiaries -- and lawyers, consumer advocates and watchdogs say …
CNN Money · ByBlake Ellis · 10/29/2013
Social Security Disability Insurance was enacted in 1956 to prevent ... But Eligibility Criteria and Representative Overpayments Require Further Monitoring,” Report to Congressional Committees, October 2007, p. 9, Figure 2: Percentage of Claimants ...
The Heritage Foundation · 1 day ago
The program's financial problems go beyond the issue of overpaymentsSocial Security disability has paid out more in benefits than it has collected in payroll taxes every year for the past decade. But concerns about waste, fraud and abuse are ...
The Business Insider · 6/6/2015
It’s not until a notice from Social Security shows up that they discover they now owe tens of thousands of dollars to the agency due to these overpayments. “Social Security is very quick to say [these overpayments are] all fraud and abuse,” said ...
News Channel3 · ByHolly Henry · 10/29/2013
His second appeal is still pending. While he hasn’t had to pay any interest on the overpayments, he has had to pay more than $23,000 in income tax on that additional “income.” It turns out Social Security overpayments like these are surprisingly common.
Fox4kc · 10/28/2013
WASHINGTON -- The Social Security Administration, which announced in April that it would stop trying to collect debts from the children of people who were allegedly overpaid benefits decades ago, has continued to demand such payments and now …
Daily Herald · 12/14/2014
A recent audit report issued by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) revealed that Social Security overpaid disability beneficiaries by nearly $17 billion. The purpose of the audit was to study a sample group of 1,532 people receiving disability ...
Wealth Management · 7/7/2015