Cramblett is in the process of suing the Midwest Sperm Bank with the intention to force a change in company policy, as well as for financial reparations for the family to pay for therapy and to relocate to a city more tolerant of racial diversity.
Manitou Messenger · 10/25/2014
(CNN) — At five months pregnant, Jennifer Cramblett and her same-sex partner, Amanda Zinkon, learned that Cramblett had been inseminated with the wrong sperm, and that the donor was of a different race. Two years later, Cramblett and Zinkon are moms …
FOX 6 Now · 10/2/2014
Last week, Cramblett sued Midwest Sperm Bank with the goal to force them to change the policies that led to the mix-up and to obtain the funds her family needs to receive ongoing counseling and relocate to a more diverse community. Cramblett said her ...
WIBW · 10/3/2014
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A lesbian couple from Ohio looking to start a family went to a sperm bank in the western suburbs to find their ideal donor, a man whose “genetic traits” were similar to their own. But Jennifer Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zinkon, who are both white ...
My Fox Houston · 10/2/2014
Although sperm donor mix-up cases are rare, a New York court’s 2007 decision ... which Slate’s David Plotz described as “a sperm bank for Nobel Prize winners.” But Graham’s now-defunct effort is just an extreme instance of this phenomenon.
Slate · 10/3/2014
JP Morgan says cybercriminals have gathered information on millions of their account holders. Jennifer Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zinkon went to the Midwest sperm bank in 2011 requesting sperm from a white donor with blue eyes. That is not what …
KNWA-TV · 10/3/2014
The University of Utah now admits it bears more responsibility than previously thought in a sperm switch case that rocked a family from Texas. The family discovered that a convicted felon, working in the lab that handled sperm samples, actually fathered ...
Canada Journal · 1/23/2014
They narrowed down donors at Midwest Sperm Bank and chose No. 380, a Caucasian man. After insemination, Jennifer learned she ... That’s when they learned of the donor mix-up. Jennifer had been given and inseminated with a vial from donor No. 330, an ... · 10/2/2014
A white same-sex couple are suing a sperm bank for its mix-up with their donor choice, which caused them to give birth to a mixed-race child. Jennifer Cramblett, 36, was four months pregnant when she received a letter from the Midwest Sperm Bank in …
The Independent · 10/2/2014