Cliff Robinson finished 14th last year on “Survivor: Cagayan.” Check out’s “14 Reasons Why Scot Pollard Will Win Survivor.” We couldn’t agree more with that prediction. To say that Pollard fans are …
The Kansas City Star · ByLisa Gutierrez · 6 hours ago
Kass McQuillen, the acerbic attorney who flipped Survivor: Cagayan on its head and helped make it the best season in years. Kelley Wentworth, a pre-merge boot from Survivor: San Jan del Sur who had a lot of game …
People · BySteve Helling · 5/21/2015
The local attorney placed third in the "Survivor: Cagayan" competition that was aired in 2014 and filmed in the Philippines from July 11 through Aug. 18, 2013. She helped the Tehachapi Recreation and Park District raise …
Tehechapi News · 5/21/2015
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Water”); Tasha Fox (Season 28, “Survivor: Cagayan”); Kass McQuillen (Season 28, “Survivor: Cagayan”); Kelley Wentworth (Season 29, “Survivor: San Juan del Sur”) and Shirin Oskooi (Season 30, “Survivor
CBS Local Media-Los Angeles · 5/20/2015
Rob Cesternino talks with Spencer Bledsoe, from Survivor: Cagayan, as he makes his case for why YOU should vote him onto Survivor: Second Chances. Vote for the 10 former male and 10 former female Survivor · 5/15/2015
I was worried for a bit that fans of the show wouldn't vote for her, as she was a loathed villain on Survivor: Cagayan (Season 28). She was notoriously the only brain on her seemingly brainless "Brain" tribe, and she made …
Examiner · 5/21/2015
Bledsoe, 22, finished in fourth place "Survivor: Cagayan," which aired last year. Savage finished in 10th place in the seventh season. He told "Survivor" host Jeff Probst he has been waiting 12 years for a second chance.
Chicago Tribune · 5/22/2015
Chicago ties
Philippines Kass McQuillen — Survivor: Cagayan Natalie Tenerelli — Survivor: Redemption Island Kelley Wentworth — Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Monica Padilla — Survivor: Samoa JavaScript is required to load the …
Hollywood Life (blog) · 5/21/2015
tested and true formula of bringing back returning players shows the producers have momentarily given up on trying to recreate the magic of Survivor: Cagayan. In fact, while Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance will not …
The Star · 5/24/2015
Water)Tasha Fox (Season 28, Survivor: Cagayan)Kass McQuillen (Season 28, Survivor: Cagayan)Kelley Wentworth (Season 29, Survivor: San Juan del Sur)Shirin Oskooi (Season 30, Survivor: Worlds Apart) MENJeff Varner (Season 2, Survivor: The …
Las Vegas NV Blog · 5/21/2015
Survivor is an American version of the Survivor reality game show, itself derived from the Swedish television series …
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