(AP) — It was just like old times at Oklahoma State when billionaire booster T. Boone Pickens ... same thing — for OSU to win.' So he said, 'Let's do everything we can to accomplish that.'" There has been speculation that Pickens had an issue with ...
USA Today · 4/10/2015
An alert FrontBurnervian points us to the news that Oklahoma State is sad that it followed T. Boone Pickens’ investment advice. Pickens is a famously generous OSU booster. In addition to money, in 2007 he suggested a plan for OSU: 1) Buy life …
D Magazine · 3/20/2012
It looks like T. Boone Pickens is really fed up with Sports Illustrated. Last week, SI released ‘The Dirty Game’, the five-part report exposing Oklahoma State for alleged academic, sexual, and drug-related issues, among others. Pickens, OSU’s biggest ...
College Spun · 9/18/2013
Thomas Boone Pickens IV, called Ty, and grandson of oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, died yesterday from what ... has donated more than $400 million to his own alma mater, Oklahoma State University. Investigators went to the home where Pickens was … · 1/30/2013
Boone Pickens arrived at the football facilities he is largely ... When Gundy and I sat down and talked -- this program isn't about Gundy, and it isn't about me. It's about OSU. And so I said, 'Look, you and I both want the same thing -- for OSU to win.'
Newsday · 4/10/2015
Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release. STILLWATER, Okla.--(Business Wire)-- Oklahoma State University benefactor and national energy leader, T. Boone Pickens, will return to his alma mater later this month to conduct a Pickens ...
Reuters · 10/14/2009
The subjects of my Forbes cover stories have included T. Boone Pickens ... he’s designated to OSU is $165 million for the athletics department. His name is now on the football stadium as well as the school of geology. Pickens has also given more than ...
Forbes · 3/31/2014
Oklahoma State University and T. Boone Pickens, an alumnus and one of its largest donors, have sued a life insurance company over a fund-raising plan that took out policies on alumni with the aim of raising hundreds of millions of dollars for the university.
New York Times · ByStephanie Strom · 2/12/2010
Pickens is a prolific donator to the Republican Party. He has also given his alma-mater of Oklahoma State University $165million to athletics ... was finally settled in March 2004. Madeleine and Boone tied the knot at her home in Rancho Santa Fe, California.
Daily Mail · 10/4/2012