He went so far as to describe Osama bin Laden as the “leader of mujahideen ... describing his importance to the Taliban. The US military offered a reward of $200,000 for information leading to Siraj’s capture. In …
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They have captured several district centers and swept ... as relentless U.S. bombing broke the will of the Taliban to follow the revered Omar, their Amir ul-Momineen, or leader of the faithful. During his time in power he …
Reuters · ByTom Heneghan · 4 hours ago
Omar was always a shadowy figurehead. As the leader of the Taliban government in Afghanistan in the late 1990s, he rarely left his regional power base on Kandahar. There is only one known photo of him, captured after …
The Huffington Post · 2 hours ago
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The Taliban on Friday formally announced their new leader, saying he had been running the insurgent ... Mansoor joined the Taliban's top leadership shortly after the 2010 capture of Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the four founding members of the group.
Los Angeles Times · 4 hours ago
Taliban announces
U.S. officials tell the Post that to the best of their knowledge, there was never any CIA plan to capture of kill the Taliban leader. "We were overwhelmingly focused on Al Qaeda, and there were many fewer instances …
FOX News · 12 hours ago
Mullah Omar
Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansoor, who has been tapped to succeed Mullah Mohammad Omar as the Taliban's leader, is said to have close ties ... a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture.
MLive · 6 hours ago
Mullah Mansoor
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Mullah Mohammad Omar, the former leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan ... of Omar's Taliban increased substantially in October 1994 when some 200 Talibs captured a border post on the Pakistan-Afghan frontier, along …
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Mohammad Omar
A senior Afghan Taliban commander based in neighbouring Pakistan said the leadership ... The Taliban confirmed the capture of the district centre, saying weapons and ammunition had been seized. Helmand has been …
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Afghan's main intelligence agency has confirmed that Mullah Mohammed Omar, the mysterious one-eyed leader of the Taliban who has had a $10 million ... Department for information leading to Omar's capture. · 1 day ago
Mullah Omar
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Mullah Omar, the elusive leader and founder of the Afghan Taliban is ... been a mysterious and iconic figure throughout the region, evading capture or assassination when many other Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders have …
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